New Guy

I received my box of supplements, I thought there would be some literature to go along with this program. I was under the impression there was an associated workout program with it.

I was surprised to open a box full of supplemental with nothing to support it.

Well I will be starting the program, and using my normal workout for now.
Look forward to searching this website for more info and i am sure I will be leaning on you all going forward. Seeing the support that this site has given others was one of the reasons I wanted to try velocity.

The website has a complete layout of everything you need to know. Workout program and all.

Each one of the tabs on that page has something else. The diet, the workout, tips, advice, etc. Even has a download button to print the workout you choose.

Kc is right. It’s all online. Be sure to read through every tab in the plan for best results.

Thanks for the quick response guys. I knew this forum had all the info. Looking forward to starting.

another question for you guys.
I n the program it states to use the
Biotest® L-Leucine Anabolic Food Additive

I did not receive any in my supplements. Do i need to purchase that separately?
what would the effects be of not using that product during the program?

Sorry, that’s no longer part of the V-Diet plan. It’s not needed.

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