New Girl on the Velocity Diet Block


I am Merrie,and today is the second day of my Velocity diet lite. I am gearing up to start the real deal on Monday. I have been working with my trainer for 9 months, have lost 6 sizes and only 15 pounds. This means I have built some serious muscle, and I am planning for the velocity diet will help reveal those more of those muscles. I am really looking forward to re training my brain to not want carbs so much.

What does everyone do on the days that they are really feeling hungry and/or empty? I am really committed to doing this diet %100, so I won’t be eating food, but I am wondering if anyone found some good self talk phrases to get them through a bit easier.

I am getting ready for my first powerlifting competition in June, and I want to be in the best form possible. If another person lifts the same as me, and weighs less, that means she wins the lift. I dont’ want that to happen. I want to go to competition as prepared and competent as possible. If this means doing the v-diet a couple times before now and then, I embrace the challenge.

My current deadlift is 285. Havn’t done my one rep max in several months, so am expecting to pull over 300 when I do.

I am looking forward to keeping up with others on the diet, learning from everyone, and offering encouragement when I can.

I’ll post measurements, pics, etc. at the beginning of next week.

woooo hoooo!! let’s do this!!!


[quote]powermerrie wrote:
What does everyone do on the days that they are really feeling hungry and/or empty?[/quote]

What works for me is this:

* I drink a fair amount of no-cal teas and waters throughout the day. 
* I don't waste time or effort thinking about, meditating or dwelling on food
* Pick out your HSM ideas BEFORE you start the diet, or have someone else do it for you
* If you have to prepare meals for others/will be around others eating/go to the         
  grocery store, HAVE YOUR SHAKE FIRST
* Decide in advance what time you're going to have your meals/snacks and stick to the      
* Stay busy. I've concluded that most eating is strictly out of sheer boredom, or trying 
  to fill a void which hasn't nothing to do with food at all
* Don't get fancy. Just follow the system. 

Sounds like you’ve got a good track record of doing what you need to do, so this should be a breeze for you.

Good luck.

What you’ll probably find is that you’re really not hungry throughout the day because the shakes are frequent and filling.

Don’t go into this thing with preconceived notions of what you think will be challenging.

Just dive right in and as you encounter a challenge, post on this site and get some answers.


I agree. Additionally, make sure to post often, preferably every day. It helps you see your progress, helps you understand how you’re feeling, and keeps you accountable.

Good luck!


thanks so much! I appreciate the affirmation, and nuts and bolts advice. You’re darn right- don’t worry about what’s coming. just dig in, face it head on, and if it gets a little tough talk to those who are in the trench with ya.


[quote]powermerrie wrote:
don’t worry about what’s coming. just dig in, face it head on, [/quote]

After eagerly looking forward to starting for a number of weeks, I was up half the night before Day One, wondering if I could cut it.

Turns out, it was a lot of wasted worry.

A half volition won’t do.

If your reasons for doing this are strong enough, you’ll do great.




do you know if it’s ok to use splenda on the diet?



You can get away with a little Splenda for things like coffee and tea if you feel like they will help you stick with the diet.


The best self talk phrase I heard was this: “Man up, do the fucking diet.” -Although in your case, replace man with a feminine word of your choosing. It may seem harsh, but it’s kept me going. It’s on another post here somewhere. Also, the phrase “Food is for fuel.” from Shuggart has kept me going as well.

Congrats on starting the diet. Keep pushing through and you’ll emerge victorious. I’m only 17 days in, but after the first week and you realize you can do this, things seem to get easier.


Welcome aboard, Merrie!

Remember, there’s hunger (a truly empty stomach), then there are cravings (false hunger signals, habits, environmental triggers, etc.). Pay attention to the difference. With a Metabolic Drive shake every few hours, you’ll seldom experience real hunger. You’re hyper-nourished in fact, given the Superfood and Flameout.

Learning that difference will help you through the V-Diet and way, way beyond.

Keep us posted.


ok. I am really getting ready to hit this diet hard. after a week of the V-Diet Lite ( one HSM daily) I am down 3.5 pounds, and ready to hit the real deal. I am so psyched about all the support on this site.

I love what Chris said in response to someone saying something they didn’t like about the diet. He said “this is rehab.” that is going to be my motto. This is not for fun, and it’s not designed with comfort in mind. It’s designed for RESULTS. We are spoiled Americans. We want things quick and easy. Getting blubber off is not easy. In my book, it’s one of the hardest feats out there. I can do anything I put my mind to, but getting the blubber off my butt has been my hardest feat yet. I run my own business(have since I was 12 years old), love, care and provide for 6 beautiful daughters(with the help of their dad, of course), manage a 7 bedroom house,be a part of my friends’s lives, etc. etc. but to wrap my mind, emotions, psyche, and time around blubber removal is harder than all the above. Maybe cuz it’s so personal.

Food has been my comfort most of my life, but in March when I was so heavy I could only work 2-3 hours without being in a lot of pain,I hit the point where the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of change. One cannot support a family only working a few hours a day. Pain is highly motivational. I had finally reached the breaking point. Food was no longer giving me comfort, but taking away my life. I knew I wouldn’t do this on my own, after having tried for years, so I hired a trainer. I had been an amateur body builder in my 20’s, and since I’d never competed, I decided to make that my goal. After 6 kids and lots of years of bad eating I had a lot of plain old ugly fat to get off. My trainer, Anthony, is fantastic and has helped me re-train my carb craving brain, as well as my bod. I have a long way to go, but am pleased with my success so far.

At this point, after 9 months of consistency in the gym and cleaning up my food about %90, lot of beautiful muscle just waiting to make an appearance, hence, the V-diet. I am so busy that planning and preparing foods just doesn’t get done consistently, and I end up not eating as well as I need to. The shakes take out all the work of planning and preparing. I don’t even like shakes. My trainer has had a hard time getting me to just replace one snack daily with a shake, but now, I can’t wait to eat only shakes!!!

after all,THIS IS REHAB. we have to kill the old habits, and build new mindsets and thought patterns to serve us.

Hey Skenns, thanks for the phrase. It takes all the whining and coddling out of it. Just do it. I used to want to find a diet/exercise plan that was comfortable. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

Chris, thanks for the welcome. I value your support.

I’ll be posting pics soon. I just have to get my nerve up. Yikes.


[quote]powermerrie wrote:
This is not for fun, and it’s not designed with comfort in mind. [/quote]

OTOH, you’re probably going to find that it’s EASIER than you’d imagined.

Use whatever you think you need to get psyched up, but be open to the possibility that this could go “swimmingly.”

Regardless of the challenges ahead, a strong enough “why” can get through any “how.”

On that basis, I think you’ll do fine.


hey-do you know how to get to the v-burn challenge specifications? I can’t seem to get to them.


Go here:

Follow the instructions in the pdf I created for you.

[Edit: well, this turned out like crap. In your browser, click View/Zoom and choose 400%. My instructions are in yellow]. I’ll try to PM you with the pdf.


week one report- 6.5 pounds off. woo hoo! first week was easy. now I’m angry a lot cuz I can’t eat. I’m not hungry, just want to eat. This is exactly the bad habit I want to kill by completing the V-Diet. The beginner V-Burn was fairly easy, so I’ll be doing the intermediete one next time.


Losing 6.5 pounds, great!
I just started V-Diet on Monday and the 1st day I got all short tempered due to low carb. I wasn’t craving for anything particular so far but just miss eating just like you. I know I have more days to go than you. So I need to man up and see.
Wish you the best!


Im on day 14 of the V-Diet.

I am not starving, but I do get hungry from time to time, especially when my shakes get off schedule.

I walk 2 - 4 miles NEPA at 4.0 incline first thing in the morning and I am on the Advanced workout.

The first week I lost about 5 lbs.

Check out my blog in the diet forum A New Way of Living: The Velocity Diet 3.0

Good luck!


there are two sets of pics here. the forst set is back in April of 2010, right before I hired my trainer, hit the gym and started changing my diet. Since then, before the V-Diet, I have lost 15 pounds and six sizes.

the second set of pics is the day I started the Velocity Diet.

edit- all the pics didn’t show up. they must be in some other forum on the T-Nation site somewhere. anyway, the ones up are the day I started the v-diet.


Any updates? I’m going to start in 10 days and would love to hear the results.