New Formula MAG-10 Pulse Fasting?

I noticed the nutrition is a bit different on the new MAG-10 compared to the old formula mentioned in the original Pulse Fast article.

Would there be any difference in the dosing for a Pulse Fast day? IIRC it was 5 scoops for bottle 1 taken every other hour and the same for bottle 2 if you were training that day.


We are currently working on a new version of the Pulse Fast/Feast protocol. Right now, the simplest and most effective plan is to pulse (have one serving) of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 about every two hours throughout the day.

If you’re training that day, have <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma or Anaconda peri-workout as usual, per label directions. (I personally prefer to Pulse Fast on an off day, usually a travel day where healthy solid foods are harder to come by anyway.)

We’ll probably also recommend <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy on Pulse Fast days instead of Power Drive, but that’s fine too if you already have some on hand.

Any chance you could go CT style and give us an outline of what your experimenting around with in the gym/lab for the newest version of the Pulse Feast plan? Not expecting the full thing here, just sort of how CT teases us with this month’s version of what he’s experimenting with on his layer system for example. :slight_smile:


There are several options, and we have a few T-Nation readers currently using them (we had outlined basic plans before in the LiveSpill and other sections of the site.) The #1 piece of feedback we’re hearing and experiencing ourselves is: fast fat loss while setting PRs in the gym. That’s a provocative duo, to say the least. But we’re achieving it with these modified plans.

Here’s a couple of options:

  1. Pulse with <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 throughout the day, roughly a serving or “pulse” every two hours. Around your workout, use <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma per label directions. At night, have a healthy solid meal that reflects your goals.

  2. Same as above but “bookend” your workout with <a href=""target=“new”>Finibars: one an hour or so before training, one within an hour after training.

  3. On off days from the gym, or a conditioning-only day, just skip the peri-workout supplements and stick to Mag-10 pulses every two hours or so, then the evening solid meal.

My preference so far is the Finibar bookended version. You just don’t feel like you’re “dieting” and the winter fat comes off nicely. Also, with peri-workout well-covered, there’s no loss in gym performance. Most experience performance progress and hit PRs if that’s their goal.

I should note I’m also personally using a serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G pre-training.

Here’s what user Sput79 recently said about the plan: “I’m maintaining my weight while getting new vascularity, visible leanness, and my pressing continues to go up… that normally goes down when I get leaner.”

Thanks Chris!

I’ve been essentially following the #1 option above for the pulse feast plan for the past two weeks now and have really enjoyed it. It’s actually the second time that I’ve gone this route but my wife and I had twin babies in the middle so I had to take a break from it. Though I will add that keeping up the MAG-10 during the 6 weeks of paternity leave very much helped to minimize the strength loss from not being able to hit the gym!

The Pulse Feast plan is probably the most easy to follow diet regimen that I’ve worked with. I’m down about 7lbs since I started. I’m excited to incorporate the Finibars as per option #2, but as I’m trying to lose weight now, not maintain, I don’t want to add in the extra calories just yet.

Thanks for all the work you guys do. The products and support are unmatched!

ggarrett, lose weight or lose fat? I assume body fat.

What Sput79 meant is that he is dropping body fat and adding muscle, meaning his scale weight is the same but his body composition is improving: more muscle, less fat.

I’ve gotten up to 4 Finibars per day myself with no fat gain and actually continued fat loss on this plan. I’m sure there’s a top-end somewhere, but as Tim Patterson told me before I began, you just can’t get fat on Finibars. Assuming hard training of course. But again, I am on Indigo-3G so all my nutrients are being properly repartitioned.

If you’d like to try this option, you could approach it carefully and start with one Finibar, probably an hour before training if that fits your schedule.

Honestly, I think the only way to blow this plan would be to go nuts during the solid meal at night (poor food selection, too many calories, alcohol, etc.) and if we publish a full protocol we’ll provide some solid meal guidelines.


That’s a correct assumption and a good point, thanks! I’m also taking Indigo and have been sticking with really clean HSM’s in the evening (usually lean protein and green veggies or rice).

I’ll definitely start with one Finibar pre-workout before my Plazma! Thanks again for all the help and feedback! I also like the idea of pulsing on non workout days up to dinner. Adds another layer of simplicity to things!


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