New Food Column!


For those of you on V-Life who like the food-related posts, you’ll probably like a new series of mine at TNation: High Performance Foods.

What I’m hoping to do here is focus on some truly powerful, drug-like “superfoods” that can really have a positive impact on the body.

Here’s the first one:

The second one is about wasabi, of all things, which turns out to be a real cancer fighter.

If you have any suggestions for future columns, hit rely and let me know!


I hear kale is pretty awesome.


You could do an anti-grain one… oh wait that might cause a huge flame fest


I have kale on a regular basis. Either steamed or raw (but washed) in my shakes. Nothing like the deep green vegetables to give you the vitamins an minerals you need.


bok choy man, all the way. I could eat that from here to china.