New FINiBAR/MAG-10/Plazma/Indigo Diet


Chris I wanted to get your thoughts on the new fat loss diet we were experimenting with in the Training Livespill. Its been a couple weeks plus and honestly my fatloss is really lagging compared to my normal fatloss routines. I’m doing a daily double dose of Indigo, four MAG-10 pulses, two FINiBARs with 1 - 2 scoops of Plazma for peri, and a HSM with one serving of oatmeal as well. On Sats after the conditioning im having a higher cal carb up meal per week. I’m using CT’s Fat Loss Layers recomentdation 5 days and a 30 min high intensity Muay Thai conditioning day.

What did your workout look like when you mentioned you leaned out in 3- 4 weeks? I’m thinking just lifting is not doing it for me. In the past I’ve done 3 days of total body training and 3 days of sprint variations. I leaned up fast on a similar macro diet, no Indigo mind you. However i do think the Plazma and MAG-10 are responsible for the growth. I may be adding a bit of muscle and just not losing much fat.

My caloric intake is not very high, and the goal is fat loss.

…im thinking the workouts are not taking enough of the Cals. Maybe I can up the load and work CT’s Normal Layer pattern since my cal intake really is not that sub caloric obviously. This may equate to more fat loss without cutting more Cals and having to do more conditioning which could effect gains.

Or throw sled work in at the end of each fat loss layer day I’m currently doing…that may be the call right there.

Are you taking any pics and measurements? If you’re just relying on the scale, that could be throwing off your perception - gained muscle etc.

If you are eating sub-maintenance calories, using fewer carbs that even obese people use while on Indigo-3G, doing some conditioning work, and not losing fat, then I don’t know what to tell you. I’d just be guessing. And it could even be that you’re not consuming enough calories/carbs. See our article in the archives on “G-Flux.” Basically, sometimes people need to add calories to lose fat.

When I used this plan I did maybe 10 minutes of conditioning after weight training, a few days per week, as outlined in my “Running Makes You Fat” blog.

@CS: Thanks buddy, I appreciate the response. I know you are not a Wizard and have all the answers. LOL

I’ve been training long enough to know whether the weight is fat or water retention Vs. muscle based on my gains and leans over the years. I base my flow on the mirror, touch and some scale.

I think the sled 10 min after each training session is the call. That will up my metabolism to where I need it to be. Going to the Full Layer system would be to taxing on my current macro programming.


My good daily fats are in the 50 to 60g range. If i drop cals down in my HSM would you recommend dropping some fats first as opposed to the oatmeal serving? The quarter cup of nuts could go, as i have a tablespoon of heathy fats in my dressing and chicken is marinated in a bit of olive oil as well. So the fats could be high thus the lagged fat loss…

Sure, that’s an easy tweak to make.

Brandon, I feel your pain. Have you tried to get all your micro-nutrition in order? A lot of times it’s the little things that you may be missing that may be preventing optimum liver and thyroid function which in turn control your metabolism and fat loss. TC had a good article about iodine supplementation that helps thyroid function and John Meadows has a few good articles about liver health and many other dietary methods that he uses to optimize health and keep his body running optimally which will in turn make fat loss and muscle gain easier.

I have been reading numerous books lately… Wheat Belly and The Perfect Health Diet are the ones I have learned the most from along with dietary methods by Dr. Serrano. They all stress the same basic points with The Perfect Health Diet being a good guide for a real life eating style concentrating on being well nourished and getting all the essential micronutrients to help your body function optimally. Here are a few links:


Thanks for that. I have used the Iodine therapy after TC “Boner Jams” Louma posted his article. Im down to a daily small dose now and temp is on point. And don’t forget the tbs. of lemon juice in the morning in warm water! lol I really think that my cals are just too high at the HSM and I need to throw a bit of conditioning in at the end of workouts.


Well it looks like you are on top of things… Do you take any of the recommended micro nutrient supps from the Perfect Health Diet that most people are deficient in like K2, D3, magnesium, copper, selenium, zinc etc…?

You may be right about the calories being to high, or on the other hand, your metabolism may be slow because you are not taking in enough calories which is causing your body to hold fat…

What is your height and weight and how many cals do you estimate you are taking in now?


I’m 5’8, about 180 right now. All abs slightly on display but need to drop 10-15 to get where I want to be. My cals are def not too low this I know. I’m prob just above maintenance and need to shrink it slightly per above are my thoughts. I’ll place an update in the next two weeks here as I lower the fat intake and hit some 10 min sleds after training days.

I do take Elite Pro Minerals…


Weird your avatar just zoomed larger on this spill, unless I’m seeing things. lol

I am leaning out…just slower than I am used to thats all. I wanted this new diet scheme to be fast. I thought I would be able to get away with more cals and lose the fat. I now realize I need to fine tune.

My arsenal includes: MAG-10, Plazma, Indigo 3G - One dose, Elite Minerals, FINiBAR, Fish Oil, Vit D, Vit C, Iodine, Green Tea, Caffeine…etc.

@CS & ALL:

I have removed my negative Indigo 3G comments as I rethought about my total caloric intake and diet as possible interference. It really is too early for me to assess the effects of Indigo on my bio personally. Upon ceasing the doses I may come back and voice my final opinion.

Sounds like you are on the right track Brandon… sometimes these things take time… Keep us updated on your progress.

[quote]brandon76 wrote:

Weird your avatar just zoomed larger on this spill, unless I’m seeing things. lol

I am leaning out…just slower than I am used to thats all. I wanted this new diet scheme to be fast. I thought I would be able to get away with more cals and lose the fat. I now realize I need to fine tune.

My arsenal includes: MAG-10, Plazma, Indigo 3G - One dose, Elite Minerals, FINiBAR, Super Food, Fish Oil, Vit D, Vit C, Iodine, Green Tea, Caffeine…etc. [/quote]

@Bblaise & All:

Will do. Now in retrospect I see my total overall Fat cals were high…when I was bumping carbs up and when dropping carbs, leaning down.

One will gain fat if your total calories are high regardless of Indigo. I was missing this point even when eating clean. Increase the carbs but make sure your fats are low. This was causing issues with the Indigo results.


Quick note I have not incorporated any extra conditioning on training days…opted to only cut my total calories through fats down at this time.

CT has recommended not doing cardio/conditioning after the workouts and I want to try something new being a usual cardio person to get lean. I believe that if one can lean down with only strength training and one conditioning day, the body should adjust and “learn” to get and stay lean much more optimally.


Amazing, I dropped the extra fat at the HSM…and I’m immediately noticing fat loss after 3 days. Prob about 25g-30g of fat. About 250-300 cals. This caused problems with the mass gaining phase on Indigo as well, which was why I started to get a bit weary.

@Brandon - What amount of fats do you think caused problems with your indigo? I’m on full dose now and sometimes wonder if I’m getting too many fats. I would say I’m at about 100 per day right now.

@wud: It took me a while to realize this but even without Indigo, with, or when you carb cycle, etc., as you add high carbs you need to drop your daily good fats down. Otherwise ones total caloric intake daily is way to high and you will gain fat in every instance. I feel this needs to be voiced more in the Indigo world as people are going to have the same negative attitude I had.

With Indigo yes you can eat 250-450g of carbs and not gain fat…BUT you cannot have your fats too high per the subject. I keep protein higher with 4 Mag Pulses, Plazma and a large chicken breast per day usually. Fats should be in my case…35-40g per day and I’m 170-180 lbs depending. This is especially true for persons in their 30’s and up as the metabolism is not what it used to be. And declines as one gets older obviously.

@brandon Yeah thats a good bit more than me. I start the day with 3 eggs for breakfast and a salad w/ olive oil for lunch. So I’m already at around 40 then plus a Finibar and a big dinner later in the evening. I’m gonna take pics and scale weight after I finish my first bottle in a few days and judge from there.

Most people do lower dietary fats when on Indigo-3G, mainly because they’re upping the clean carbs.

And while everyone can eat more total calories when on Indigo, there is a top end of course. But it’s better to overshoot that sweet spot of intake, then back in down, than to under-eat and never be getting the most out of Indigo. In fact, part of finding that sweet spot is over-shooting a bit, then backing down.

It’s like overtraining in a way. Better to try to overtrain then back down than to constantly be under-stimulating your body for optimal growth out of fear of doing too much. (Most people couldn’t overtrain if they tried anyway.)

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