New E-Book Training Section Comments

I just wanted to point of a couple of things that could be improved in the new e-book.

– The Training section mentions the two week transition period - complete with workouts and all - but there is no mention of it in the Diet section. (I’m guessing this is left over from the 3.0 writeup?).

– Speaking of the transition workouts, the summary for Intermediate and Advanced both say that you’ll use a Light load but then list Medium or Heavy loads on every workout.

– The writeup for the V-Burn still has that bit about single limb exercises being listed in yellow, but all the text is black (unless my PDF is messed up). I know the 3.0 web site had this same problem, so I suspect this is just old text that hasn’t been cleaned up.

– Are the videos for the exercises still online somewhere? I found those a lot easier to use and more helpful than the printed summaries and single still picture.

– The writeup for “Single-Leg Deadlift, Lateral Reach” says to do the single-leg deadlift “as described above”, but there isn’t a separate writeup for single-leg deadlift anywhere.

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