New Biotest Products for 2016?

Just wondering what new products Biotest has been working on. I love Brain Candy and would be interested in seeing Biotest put out something headed in this direction. BTW I still think the original MAG-10 the Destroyer was my favorite Biotest supp.

Yeah it’s been a while since we’ve gotten any teasers. I think we’re due.

Three level 100’s have now agreed. We’re putting pressure on 'em :slight_smile:

Yeah, love to hear about some new products.

Another level 100 checking in.

I will say, the fact that we rarely see new products speaks to Biotest’s commitment to putting out quality over quantity. I don’t want to see a garbage product with a bunch of hype. I very much appreciate the staples, particularly Plazma. I don’t think there’s another product on the market that can hold its own against Plazma. And the price is outstanding for what goes into it.

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^ that, and everything that can be invented already has been. circa late 1800’s

Maybe a less clumping SWF or non foaming Plazma, otherwise the products are like a sore peter… can’t beat it!!

I know that RTD Plazma is something that’s been teased. I don’t know how huge of a seller it would be, but there are times when this would be very convenient IMO.

[quote]AliveAgain36 wrote:
I know that RTD Plazma is something that’s been teased. I don’t know how huge of a seller it would be, but there are times when this would be very convenient IMO.[/quote]
I think they said somewhere that the biggest obstacle with the RTD Mag-10 and/or Plazma was that it needed to be shipped refrigerated to avoid degradation. Add in that deliveries are generally left outdoors on arrival (obviously with no temperature control) and things get trickier. If they can figure a workaround for that though, for sure that’d be my top choice.

I would be good with some spike tablets that don’t have yohimbine in them, the original formula that came out used to be awesome.

Looks like there are some products ending their run (unless of course I simply don’t know how to use the store, lol!) like Metabolic Drive bars and Se7en.

Really though, with products like Indigo, Micro-PA, Plazma, and MAG-10, I don’t expect anything substantial to come out for awhile. These products already are at the cutting edge. I’d expect something more in line with making these good products easier to use…the RTD product has already been mentioned (along with the issues with them) but that concept is a step in the right direction.

Perhaps finding a way to get the flavoring INTO the Plazma and MAG-10 products without having to use the liquid flavoring would also be a step in the right direction. Or perhaps even more variety in flavoring, like root beer, watermelon, or even coffee. Ultimately it would be nice if sucralose would not be used and something more natural like Stevia is integrated in.

[quote]buffd_samurai wrote:
Ultimately it would be nice if sucralose would not be used and something more natural like Stevia is integrated in.

I agree with this wholeheartedly, and that would also be an easy thing to do. When I use Surge Workout Fuel I just drop a couple lemon or orange wedges in and I’m good to go but Plazma has a much rougher flavor to mask.

Yeah it is a shame the Metabolic Drive protein bars are be discontinued. All other bars (including Quest) either suck or have peanuts (which is a no go since my son has an allergy). I agree they really need the RTD Plazma and Mag-10 as I would be far more likely to buy them. F’n with those powders, mixing, etc is just a pain in the ass given how much they cost to begin with.

I’m so disappointed about the MD bars. They were convienent and tasted great without a bunch of junk fillers.
I’m down to my last box and was just getting ready to order more. :frowning:

I hope bio test has plans to replace it with a similar product
Maybe a lower carb version of finibar. The peanut butter ones are delicious. :slight_smile:

It would have been nice though if they notified their regular customers so we can at least plan to order
Accordingly before they yanked them from the store

I am trying Simply Protein whey bar (Apple cinnamon specifically). No peanuts and while 5 less grams of protein less calories as well. I’ll let ya know how they are. I know a lot of folks go gonzo for Quest but they just taste like sweet sawdust to me.

An old pic, but… ahh, the memories.

A lower carb Finibar would be like a lower protein Metabolic Drive. I understand what you mean, but that’s a big reason for the product in the first place.

There you go Chris!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! :grinning:

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So I just talked to a guy who knows a guy. Power Drive and Surge Workout Fuel are both being revamped, tweaked, and fine-tuned.

SWF should be back, new and improved, likely in 6 weeks or so. Power Drive should be back… sometime (no ETA on that yet).


But I’m strictly a Plazma (better SWF) and alpha-GPC (better PD) dude. No knocking these two products, and it will be interesting to see what changes are made. SWF already got a “face lift” awhile ago to better mimic the carb profile of Plazma (but still has the dextrose).

Noting quite seriously that the alpha-GPC seems to be out of stock. Whenever I see this, I get nervous about that product being dropped. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen! Liquid form alpha-GPC works better for me than capsule form of alpha-GPC.

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I agree with you! Spike was fantastic. I can’t handle yohimbine, and the spike without it was outstanding. I used it all the time at work when I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. What focus!! Thiamine di(2-methylpropionate) disulfide, was the main ingredient in Spike. Also the nano-dispersion technology incorporated in Spike caps was a real winner. Wish it was still around in that original formula. I always had several of those yellow capsules in my desk and on my person at all times.

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Toying ordering them from UK and shipping them - which is a reverse of my previous history ^>^

Any idea which replacement you’re looking at - I’m clueless outside Biotest. Agree with the notification would have been nice before shutting it down! @Chris - something to note for the next product?

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