New Biotest Forums


So what does everyone think of the new Biotest forums? I personally like this new format, it seems very easy to get adjusted to.


May take some time to get used to. But don’t mind it


Agreed. I think the mechanics like quoting, replying, and formatting will be the only real hurdle to take some getting used to. But the layout and overall vibe seem pretty on point.


I use Chrome and do have it set up to notify me which is pretty cool…I like that aspect of it


Chris, agreed, new layout is great! One question, are the training forums going to be moved here as well, training logs, etc.? Thanks!


Kaizen principle, my man. Persistent change for the better.

If I was a betting man, that’s what I’d say is most likely on the horizon for sometime down the line. No clue on the details, just, kaizen on all fronts. :smirk:

And anyhow, one thing at a time. Pretty sure we all want to get situated and familiar with this setup first before any next step.


No more black backgrounds? It’s been over 15 years for me on here, I might need professional help in adjusting.



@The_Mighty_Stu My original account had a 2003 join date, so I can at least be a semi-pro shoulder to cry on.

I like it, though. It feels clean and science-y.


Lol so white = science-y? Damn, I just redid a web site with a black and red theme.



White background is no good in my opinion, like looking at a giant light bulb now. Black backgrounds are so much easier on the eyes, its more than just an aesthetics thing.

I’m sure once the new functionality becomes 2nd nature it will be nice, it seems a bit cluttered and busy unnecessarily right now though, but “the change” is always the hardest part of these things so I’m sure the thought you guys put into this will become evident shortly.


I’ve always hated the black background so this is a nice change.


I am very happy there is continuing effort going on here, so I will take it!


I am rather confused why I am being marked as “muscle chick”.

That’s neither my name, nor an accurate description of me.

I’m a dude and never remotely used that name.


[quote=“musclechick, post:13, topic:5931, full:true”]
I am rather confused why I am being marked as “muscle chick”.

That’s neither my name, nor an accurate description of me. [/quote]
You are what you eat?

But yeah, that’s a beyond-weird issue. Try logging out and logging in with your original username. If it’s still a problem, the tech guys can dig into it.


Well, I’ve eaten a few, so perhaps…

Trying again.


So how do we change the email associated with our accounts? I apparently used one from an old job or something.

My name shows up normal when I log in to the store, you have my credit card, various correct addresses, and even shows I’ve spent $15K on supplements during the last about17 years. I GET emails for a VIP20 discount all the time. Says I’m Level 100.

But when I post, I’m “musclechick” (not me, still a dude, never used the name) and can’t post at all on T-Nation.

I assume I pissed someone off and got banned but am a good customer so I’m left partially in the system.