New beginning July 26-30

Fresh start to a never ending quest for fat loss and a healthier lifestyle:

Start date: 26 July

weight: 180
BF%: 31
Neck: 15
Chest: 42
Navel: 41
Biggest: 42
Hips: 41
L Arm: 13
R Arm: 13
L Thigh: 22
R Thigh: 22
L Calve: 14
R Calve: 14
L Ankle: 8
R Ankle: 8

Day One: Shake taste pretty good…feeling good and very motivated.
Workout: Left the gym feeling very rock solid…tight…Muscle felt like they got a rude awaking from all the fat :o)
Day Two: slight head ache, shakes are still filling, not hungry throughout the day
Workout: NEPA 60 minute walk (treadmill 5.0 incline 3.5mph)
Day Three: Fatigued…but still feeling good…jump on the scale even though I know I should only weigh myself once a week on (Sunday) , but I was five pounds lighter (175lb) already.
Workout: Felt great…very tiring but for some odd reason it feels good.
Day Four: Caught myself going for a snack but not really knowing…thinking of what I was doing. Watched a movie an of course there was people eating in the movie which made me hungry, had my shake and minutes later I was satisfied.
Workout: NEPA walk (treadmill 5.0 incline 3.5mph)
Day Five: Still feeling good…no longer getting head aches, not feeling fatigued…

I will attach my video since I don’t have a camera, soon… also my post will be updated hopefully twice a week(FRI&SUN)

Awesome, keep us posted!

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