How come we can’t replace NEPA with like 30 minutes of jogging on a treadmill? It’s low intesity and isn’t super taxing. Having trouble finding a hour to go walk around in the dark after work.

Because you may lose muscle (zapping metabolism) or be too fatigued to put 100% effort into the weight training, where the real “magic” happens.

Any advice on NEPA I can do inside the apartment?

[quote]mmanyc wrote:
Any advice on NEPA I can do inside the apartment?[/quote]

Well, NEPA is just “moving around more outside of the gym” not really “exercise” per se. You may want to breathe a little harder during it, but not “do cardio.”

That could be as simple as 20 minutes of body weight squats with plenty of rest between sets. Different mobility drills would be cool too – “moving around” without much cardio and also good for you in other ways. Cressey and Robertson have some great articles on this at TNation.

A light ride on an exercise bike would work too. Find some Tae Chi vids on the internet and follow long – that would work as well, as would some light yoga. You can get these on-demand if you have Netflix instant.

Hope that helps.

I was getting excited, thought that this was about the National Environmental Policy Act. D’ohhh

Thanks Chris! That helped a ton.

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