Nepa Walks

I’m a mailman and walk all day long, should I still do the nepa walks?

Before I answer, let me tell ya a story:

I used to have a mailman buddy. Walked all day long, like you. Now, I’m basically a writer-guy. Sure, I train hard, but most of my job is at a desk. So my letter carrier buddy got 1000 times the NEPA I did… but he was still overweight because he ate garbage.

So, as important as NEPA is to overall health and longevity, and as helpful as it is for fat loss when on the V-Diet, it’s not a miracle worker. Bad eating habits can whoop any amount of NEPA.

Okay, your answer: Do you have access to a treadmill? If so, then 3 days a week of incline walking (no hanging on to the machine!) may be just what you need. On other days, you can skip the NEPA given your job.

But, that said, it’s hard to overdo NEPA. If you have time, and you aren’t losing the fat as fast as you want, then go ahead and do an extra walk.

Chris, yes I have a treadmill, thanks for the advice


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