NEPA vs Cardio

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t have an hour to waste strolling to burn a few extra calories off. I understand that being more active will up your metabolism among other things, but I feel like an hour is overboard.

I’m 5’10 170lbs and v-dieting to try and ditch the last few lbs hiding my abs. I’m an active person, and simply refuse to stop playing basketball a few times a week because of this diet. I seem to be doing just fine with it as such, despite the recommendations not to play intense sports during.

If I have enough energy to play a few hours worth of bball, why not just take a jog or ride a bike for a while instead of wasting an hour walking?


well by any means don’t take my opinion as the correct answer, but i believe it is because any extra strenuous cardio on this diet and you will start to lose muscle. the walking allows you to keep muscle while still using more calories.

I figured that would be the response I’d get…it’s exactly what I’m worried about as well. I just hate to face that fact…oh well, thanks for the input.

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