NEPA Questions


Hi chris i am starting the V-Diet soon( just got my supplements in the mail) but i had a quick question about the NEPA. First i usually bike to work because its onyl 2 miles away. Does this count as NEPA since its not a hard ride at all or should i just walk to and from work which will be about an hour of walking a day. I hate driving to work. Also i have been actively trying to improve my flexibility with some strecthing routines include some PNF stretching. Should i stop this for the 6 weeks or does count as not hard work.


Are you out of breath after your ride or stretching? If not, it’s probably exactly what NEPA is supposed to be.


Remember, NEPA is just movement. You can’t over-do true NEPA. It’s not “training.” It’s moving around. And the more you can do, the better, whether it’s going for a scheduled walk or taking the stairs more often.

Stretching is fine.