NEPA Ideas

Hey guys, I was wondering…anybody else bored out of their minds on the treadmill for an hour? I sit here day in and day out through this Vdiet trying to think of ideas I can do today that are different from yesterday to keep things interesting on my NEPA. I also wonder if anybody wishes they had some more good ideas for after the vdiet to continue with their daily NEPAs if they wished to do so.

So let’s have it. What do YOU do for NEPA? Besides the treadmill! I’ll start with what I do. If you have something to add, please add it. Lots of us could use some unique suggestions, I’m sure.

  1. Hand wash the car.
  2. Single player racquetball.
  3. Wii Fit Yoga and Outdoor Challenge Game
  4. Walking up and down stairs somewhere.
  5. Clean out the garage.
  6. Walk around different neighborhoods with really big whatthehelldothesepeopledo houses.
  7. Take kids to park and actually chase them around the playground equipment - go down slides and run up the stairs and swing on the monkey bars, etc.
  8. Get a trail/nature guide from the city and pick a trail, any trail.
  9. Play disc golf or frisbee or some low impact sport like that.
  10. Ride bike instead of walking.
  11. Swimming.
  12. Cleaning house: carry one item upstairs/downstairs at a time as you put things away where they go.

Great Idea Lisa!

I live in downtown Chicago and have tried to fit NEPA into part of my everyday chores. I have a 2000 cubic feet waterproof back pack so that I can walk or bike around town to grocery shop, run errands, etc.

Vinyasa flow yoga. Great way to stretch the body while still moving/getting a workout.

My last idea is sex. Lots of sex. It’s exhausting on this diet. :slight_smile:

In bad weather, late days or just don’t feel like leaving the house, I get a book and get on the stationary bike for an hour. The computer on the bike says I do about 21-22 miles but I’m not so sure.

I also trail ride and mountain bike.

Sometimes I walk to the gym to workout and then home. 15 minutes each way and then it’s only another 1/2 hour to get in.

My job also gets me lots of NEPA. I have a business installing window treatments and I am on my feet all day.

This sounds so old lady-ish, but sometimes I watch a Tivo’d program while bouncing on my rebounder (mini trampoline). It’s kinda fun, easy, and convenient.

Im going to add one of my own that just hit me tonight. Im gonna start inline skating again.

[quote]austin2174 wrote:
Im going to add one of my own that just hit me tonight. Im gonna start inline skating again.[/quote]

excellent behind developer! and by behind i mean ass


Bowling, there is usually some sort of cosmic bowling on friday or saturday night where you get unlimited games from like 9-1. it was great my friends got hammered and i drove them home :slight_smile:

Vigorous sex is supposed to be one of the best forms of NEPA.

And a whole lot more fun than:

[quote]austin2174 wrote:
5. Clean out the garage.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
Vigorous sex is supposed to be one of the best forms of NEPA.

And a whole lot more fun than:

austin2174 wrote:
5. Clean out the garage.


laugh Yes, I suppose so.

Practicing hitting the ball in both the right handed and left handed stance at a batting cage is pretty good too.


I know this is about as exciting as cleaning out the garage…but it just occurred to me that since our yard is a jungle…another good NEPA exercise would be:

Mowing the lawn, planting crap, edging, and weed-eating and then organizing all the yard tools in the shed. Should be able to do all that within the hour, with HOT-ROX, no?

I gotta second Donna here…

Needed 1 more credit to make me a full-time student this semester (have to be full-time to be active member of fraternity, and since I’m graduating anyway…), and I ended up picking up Intro to Ballroom Dance.

Tuesday/Thursday I don’t need to find any NEPA, and I assure you that you won’t find a better passive calf workout than the Cha Cha.

i sk8board w/ the dogs and walk around the park and neiborhoods. there is also a lot of all terrain i can do too. keeps it interesting. and i got my (overweight) roommate to go with we one day. but one is all it lasted lol. convo helped a lot thou.

Oh. My. God.

sarcasm on Well, here’s an idea! It only takes 8 minutes!

The actual activity can’t possibly be classified as a NEPA but it gets my heart rate going just watching, so I wonder if I can watch this over and over and count that as my NEPA.

And like I said in my own thread, you’ll never ever have a bad thing to say about vburn again if you just think back on THIS.

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