NEPA - How to Substitute?

Hey there, I have a question regarding the NEPA role. What if I substitute my NEPA walks with hour long swims?

I realize that the purpose of this is to avoid cardio, but swimming is the “only” thing that’s really keeping me sane right now.

I’m working about 100hr weeks (FT + 1 class and FT work) and commuting. I normally lift twice on M-F and use weekends as rest periods. I lift heavy weights in the morning and try to get a swim in the afternoon.

I need the swim for sanity and to get better at swimming with a few of my buddies - I was wondering, should I just add other Metabolic Shakes to replace the calories lost from the swim?


[quote]Mediated Life wrote:

I need the swim for sanity [/quote]

That right there would be reason enough to do it. You’ll need your sanity on this diet.

[quote]Mediated Life wrote:

and to get better at swimming[/quote]

As I’m sure you know, swimming is all about technique. I don’t know what you do in the pool now, but you won’t develop better technique swimming endless laps on fatigued muscles. Instead, do technique drills.

Do relatively slow swims of 25, 50 yards tops with frequent rests. Technique work requires fresh muscles so you’ll ingrain the proper movement pattern.

At the end of the session, you can do some laps at a faster pace to test what you’ve learned. Technique work should give you the activity needed without turning it into “cardio.”

Thanks Mike, I’ll try that too - I’m a fairly decent swimmer, but I’m still worried about the changing the rules out of NEPA.

What should I do? Is substitution of additional Metabolic Shakes for an hr of cardio allowed?

I’m pretty much just going to purchase Biotest products - but I was wondering,

where can I purchase a recommended brand of flax seed?

Walking is so great for many things, but I’ll let someone else weigh in here.

You can get your flax seed at Walmart or I would imagine any other grocery store.


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