NEPA and Hot-Rox Question


I’ve been doing NEPA first thing in the morning after HOT-ROX, and I was looking to try NEPA in a non-fasted state, starting the day with my first shake instead.

How long would you guess it should take for the morning shake to leave the stomach?

In other words, how long should I wait to do NEPA after having drunk it?

Next… I’m shaking things up a bit for my last two weeks, so I was going to have my HOT-ROX later in the morning instead of first thing.

Felt like I’d been hit by a truck- no energy at all.

I’m not really interested in taking HOT-ROX for the rest of my life just to function, so how long to get off this stuff and would I be better off cold turkey or weaning myself off?

Any wind-down protocol?


  1. NEPA is movement. That’s it. Don’t over-think it. When you decide to “move around” a little more is mostly minutia. Fasted may lead to faster fat loss, but after that it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a very tiny consideration in the big picture of what the V-Diet is already doing for you.

  2. Stop HOT-ROX whenever you want. Add coffee if you like caffeine in the AM. Lack of HOT-ROX doesn’t sap energy, but lack of caffeine for those who are used to it can make you feel like crap for a few days until you adjust.


Thanks, Chris.

Exactly how much caffeine is in HOT-ROX (per pill/per two, whatever you can give me).

I don’t see it listed on the bottle.

There must not be that much in the HOT-ROX if my head didn’t hurt.

Yeah, I’ve been a caffeine slave in the past and part of this process was to break my addiction to Pepsi (no lecture needed).

In the past when I’ve tried, I’ve had immediate headaches.

Didn’t have that issue here.