Need Strength ASAP

Scott asks:

I came across your site via a S.E.R.E. article. I’m 42 male white, 6ft 2in 200-ish lbs. I hope to cross train into S.E.R.E. I need strength ASAP, run a time 9 min 1.5 mile and swim not sure of time. Where to start with you guys as far as supplements go?

Scott, that’s a great goal. The key here will be fueling the workouts and then recovering from those workouts. So workout nutrition is the main thing to take care of. Several options for you. Surge Workout Fuel is probably the top choice, especially for the endurance/metcon portions of the training. For the lifting portion, Plazma and Mag-10 are our main recommendations. You may want to check this out: And here’s some addition info:

If budget is an issue, Surge Workout Fuel will also work for lifting workouts.

Of course for the development of strength, a solid weightlifting program is a must But when it comes to supplements what you first need is the proper product to amplify the results from your workouts.

As CS mentioned the best product to do that is PLAZMA which you take pre and during your strength workouts. This product will give the proper nutrients so that you can maximize performance, growth and repair. If you can train harder, recover faster and build more muscle it will be easier to gain strength.

Another proven product is Creatine which has been shown to increase strength via several factors.

  1. It increase your capacity to perform during intrense efforts lasting 10-20 seconds (which is a zone where strength is trained)

  2. It increase intra-muscular fluid retention which gives you better strength leverage

  3. It increases satellite cell activation which facilitates muscle growth

  4. It can reduce myostatin expression which will also help build muscle

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