Need Some Real Advice and Motivation


Hey guys,

  So I just completed the V-Diet and lost 20lbs, 2in waist size, and never looked better. People at the gym actually telling what a great transformation i had. Lost mostly in my midsection. 

Anyway, everything was going great and started to add some solid meals in, but for the past week and a half I have fallen off the wagon. I just kind of lost motivation in working out and eating clean. I would eat clean but then have an intense hunger for food, and by keeping such small amounts of food at home I started eating out. at one point I ate so much that I threw up, anyway, its been very hard to get back into eating clean, so for the past 2 days I have gotten back on, but it is very difficult.

Any advice?? guys


I suggest the book, The End of Overeating.

Issues with food are multi-pronged, caused by both mental and physical addictions. It goes far beyond willpower. This book really gets into that. And you can’t defeat something that you don’t understand. This will help you understand.


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