Need Help with My Supplement Stack

I feel like over time I’ve developed a supplement stack that is just kind of overkill. I’ll list it out below but it’s just a lot of stuff and I’m spending like $250+ a month on them. It just feels excessive. For reference, my goals are to add a little bit of muscle (maybe 5-10 lbs) while staying lean ~10-11% body fat. I’m currently about 210lbs. What can I drop/replace to get things under control?

Creatine - 5g
Flameout - 4caps
Curcumin - 3caps
Indigo-3G - 6caps
Z-12 - 3 caps
Multivitamin - 2caps
CLA - 2 caps
Vitamin D - 1cap (this is dr recommended so I want to keep it)
Saw palmetto - 2 caps (also dr recommended)
Pycnogenol - 2 caps (also dr recommend)

Really trying to cut things down a bit so would appreciate any suggestions.

I’d pare things down to these ^ . Flameout contains some CLA, so it’s not super-necessary to add extra on top. Multivitamins are redundant, at best, expensive yellow pee at worst.

Taking targeted vitamins and minerals for specific purposes (like your vitamin D) is a much more effective and efficient approach. The Curcumin, if it’s Biotest’s formula, is just 1 cap once or twice a day.

The thing with your supplement stack is that most of the stuff is what I’d consider health-based, not so much for performance or physique directly, so cutting out any extra stuff would just be an issue of sorting out your priorities and addressing nutritional gaps or stuff you can’t get from food.

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