Need Help to Devise a Supplement Plan

Chris hello,
At this moment in time I am ready to make my purchase of the neccesary supplements… I am looking forward to purchasing Plazma as adviced the Alpha Male is not in stock at the moment…

So I looked into MAG-10 and Micro PA . I did see in one of the protocols that Plazma Mag-10 and Finibars where combined … So I ask which would be the best combination for me…

What exactly are you considering? All of those supplements can be used together. It’s basically amounts to your budget, and the advice we gave you n the other thread: build the foundation around Plazma. There are many ways to go after that. Hard to say because the goals you listed in your other post are honestly all over the place – you want it all, from strength to endurance. But it seems like you’re just getting back into training, so I’d say Plazma and Mag-10, with the option of Micro-PA. Take care of workout nutrition first and you’re good to go.

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