Need Help for New Guy


Hey guys I’m of course a newbie. I’m a 43 year old male and trying to change some of the effects of Mother Nature. So many sites and so many products I just don’t want to get scammed. Wanting to start a good workout program and trying to decide what to start with. Can anyone please tell me where to purchase and who is the most reliable source of a good PROTIEN product. Again just looking for a little help to get started on what I hope is a successful journey. Thanks a million for any replies.


I’ve been using Biotest products since 2003. They are top notch, best of the best. No need to worry about getting a crummy product or scammed.

In terms of a protein supplement, I’ve been using Metabolic Drive for about that same length of time. Fantastic flavor and ingredients.


Thanks brothers I appreciate the information. I may try these out.