Need Help ASAP, What to Take?

I have a serious question lol.
I will be ordering tomorrow. But would like to make sure I get what I need and don’t need.
I plan on ordering:
I want a great pre workout and post workout and through out my day. My goals are to lose fat and gain muscle, like everyone else lol. How should I take these items and do I need anything else? Thank you.

Really, those three are a very solid starting point.

Plazma is workout nutrition for before and during training. (It’s not any kind of stimulant-based “pre-workout”). Mag-10 is top of the line protein for during the day, between meals, or (my favorite) before bed. And Indigo-3G works as a nutrient partitioner, which basically teaches your body to more efficiently use carbs. So you can drop fat without needing to follow a low carb diet.

An ideal schedule on training days would be something like: Indigo-3G about 45 minutes before lifting. 1 scoop Plazma 15 minutes before lifting, 1 scoop Plazma during the workout. 2 scoops Mag-10 either an hour after training (or before bed or between breakfast/lunch).

On non-training days: Indigo-3G a half-hour before the biggest meal of the day, 2 scoops Mag-10 before bed or between any two meals.

If you can budget more Mag-10, some people do a few servings (sometimes called “pulses”) a day, no problem. I prefer the last thing at night-before bed to so the high-quality protein can further maximize recovery while sleeping.

Great! I already order it all. I’m excited. I think I’m done taking
pre-workout for a while anyways. You guys are awesome.

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