Nausea on Day One of V-Diet



Just finished up my first day of the V-Diet, and I’ve been suffering from pretty bad nausea all day. I haven’t taken any HOT-ROX (was planning on starting that in a day or two), and I’m not using the flax seeds, but every time I have a shake, I’m nauseous for at least the next 30 minutes or so. I’ve never experienced this before with either low calorie diets or whey protein. Is it possible the casein is causing a problem? Would taking pepto-bismal or some other medication help?

Thanks for your time.


Hmm, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t take Pepto. It causes constipation.

Sorry, I don’t have a guess here. You’re not using flax, and you’re not using HOT-ROX, which some people can’t tolerate when it’s taken on an empty stomach. Those are usually the culprits. Are you taking anything else?


I had that problem as well with the first and last shakes for a couple of days. It didn’t happen to me on the first day, though. I was a few days in. It went away for me.


Probably just a natural reaction to your body adjusting…it’s just Day 1…

For me Day 1 was hell the very, very first time I tried the V-Diet. I popped two HOT-ROX in the morning, went to work and by the time I had my first shake…I was nearly in tears. Headache, nausea/dizziness, etc. my gf had to pick me up since I couldn’t drive.

Went home, took a long nap, drank a shake when I woke up. I felt kind of stupid since my body had cleared up after sleeping it off for a couple hours. Day 2 I was back to normal.

It’s all a physical reaction and your mental fortitude will get you through it.