Nausea & Headaches After Workouts


Started on 8/6/12 this past Monday… All is fine except the training I am doing the beginner program.
1st work out was Tuesday and it went ok (I am sooo weak) but after when i got home I puked it all out, after that headache and nausea was gone. i though maybe because my work out was at 8pm.

2nd work out today went to the gym at 3pm after the 2nd exercise started feeling dizzy, the standing dumbbell press took longer that it should’ve, anyway after my work out went to the car and this time didn’t make it home had to pull over and I puked it all out again, went home slept for a good 3hrs had major headache and dizziness.

Now mind you I haven’t lifted a single weight in 5 yrs could that be why or it’s the diet. Saturday I am gonna have my 1st HSM I’ll take it at lunch and then go workout 1:30-2hrs later and see if I get same symptoms


Hard to say given that training is new to you right now too.

Are you taking HOT-ROX on an empty stomach? If so, take it with a shake. It’ll still work but could prevent nausea.

Also, any lower carb diet can take a few days to get used to. Most who experience this are fine after a week.


I am not taking HOT-ROX it’s prohibited in Canada. I am taking grean coffee beans pills instead with my 1st shake in the AM. I did some digging around and I think I am not drinking nearly enough water so it could be dehydration