Nausea After Workouts


Hi Chris.

I did the V-Diet way back when you first put it out (2006?) and it was awesome. I’m a bit older now and fell off the wagon in the interim, so here I am again, ending week 1.

I’ve always felt a little nauseous after working out, but this week I threw up after 2 workouts. First, does anyone know what causes nausea in people who work out when it occurs all the time?

Second, is it ok to wait 45 minutes or so after a workout before drinking the Surge? That’s usually about how long it takes for the nausea to diminish to the point where I can keep something down.

  1. Are you taking HOT-ROX on an empty stomach? That causes nausea in some people. Take with a shake if this is the case.

  2. Sometimes the workouts are just hard.

  3. No, Surge is to be taken right after lifting session or sipped during.


1.) I’ve taken Hot-Rox on an empty stomach many times (including my last V-Diet) without a problem. Maybe now that I’m a little older…?

2.) Yeah, the intermediate workout is pretty tough, but I’m really putting all my effort in to get the best results I can. Also, I feel nauseous all the time after working out, not just on the V-Diet workouts. It just seems worse now for some reason.

3.) I think what I might do is sip the Surge during the workout. Maybe the low-carb aspect of the diet is making my normal nausea more acute? Is it okay if there’s not much Surge left when I’m done my last set, or should I limit myself to maybe 1/2 during the workout and 1/2 immediately after?

Thanks so much for the quick reply, and keep fighting the good fight. I have my first weigh-in tomorrow morning and I have a good feeling…


1/2 Surge just before and during workout, 1/2 after should do the trick.


Hey Chris,
I tried doing 1/2 during and 1/2 after for 2 workouts, and it seemed to help. I still feel nauseous, but its not as bad. Almost 2 weeks in and I feel strong. My first HSM was like a divine rapture, and I’ve been planning what to do for the next one since I finished it. Thanks again for the help.