Natural Nut Butter?


I’m on day six of the diet (and making it) and I have two questions. First, can the two tablespoons of nutbutter be taken during the day or should they stay at meal five? I"m getting really weak at night and I thought if I took the nutbutter on meal 3 it may sustain me some.

Second, I started around 230lb and am already down to 222 on day 6. I’m assuming I’ll get well below 215. If I do I noticed thats where the scoops go down (I think by one scoop). Should I adjust my intake to the weight I have dropped to or stay with the amount I was taking when I started the diet the whole way through?

  1. That’s fine if you need it earlier.

  2. Do not adjust intake based on weight. Stick with the same you started with. If you keep dropping cals when dieting you 'll stall out and lose muscle.