Nate's V-Journey


What’s up fellow V-Life friends.

Tomorrow I start my third and hopefully final V-Diet. (Yes it’s a Sunday, but I just can’t wait so I’m going a day early)

For some background on me… I’ve always been fat, at least since about grade 3, and got teased but learned to make jokes about it, always being the one that would eat more than anyone else and all that jazz. Well I hated it, and still do. My first “body change” happened about 3 years ago when I had my first summer long manual labour job. I worked in a car weld shop and it was great, lots of moving around ie long slow cardio… not ideal, but at the time helped me drop around 20 lbs. I’m assuming a good half of that was muscle but I digress. The following summer I decided to hit the gym. I did the usual internet research and started a bodypart split routine, and made a few newbie gains but nothing to write home about.

Spun my wheels like that for a year or so, then picked up Chad Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry (even though I was fat lol) and the rest as they say is history. Started doing total body workouts with compound exercises and discovered T-Nation. Kept looking at the V-Diet and thought it sounded like a gimmick, well after a few more months of no progress (partially because I want to lose fat and gain muscle and didn’t just pick one goal and stick to it). I took the plunge in January of 2010 and did my first round. Dropped about 10 lbs of scale weight, but put on a bit of muscle too, not the drastic epic change I was secretly hoping for but finally some progress. After that I really got serious about my diet. Found Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint around the same time and that really helped.

A few months later in May I did round 2. Same results, nothing insane just some good progress. Since then I’ve been working through Chad Waterbury’s Body of Fire program. Awesome!! I’m down a good 20 lbs in the past 12 weeks on that program, and leaner than I’ve ever been. Again looking at me, you’d think “Oh maybe he lifts some weights now and then, and lifts the fork at the buffet occasionally” well enough of that!!

I know looking back at my V-Diet logs that I didn’t really push myself that hard in the gym and I think that was my problem. So onto my plan for this run…

I’ve officially gone into Lab Rabbit mode on this one. Basically I’ll be following the diet to a T but I’ll be changing the workouts. In Chad’s program there are 2 gym days, and 2 sprint/bodyweight days. I finished the main program but it came with a “bonus phase” of 4 more weeks. My plan was to use those instead and have Surge Recovery after the weight sessions with MAG-10 before and after the sprints. Well everything arrives, and then what do you know the “Pulse Fast” is unveiled. Both Chris and Christian Thibadeau say it’s OK (not ideal) to do the fast with just MAG-10, so I’m doing it. My only uncertainty now is the timing of it all.

I’ll be doing the Pulse on Monday and Thursday each week, HSM on Saturday for a total of 3 weeks.
My first thought was to hit the gym on Monday and Thursday the Pulse day, and then sprint the day after, but the more I’m reading and discussing the Pulse, it seems it might be better to workout the day after to take advantage of the anabolic rebound. If I’m V-Dieting to lose maximum fat, that may not make a difference, but I’m considering swapping sprint and gym days and adding Surge Workout Fuel to the gym days to take advantage of a few extra tactical carbs on rebound day. We’ll see what the experts think.

Ah well they did say the pulse is 98% and I’m just worrying about the 2%. Time to crush it!!


Here’s my starting pics…






For interest sake here’s one from my first V-Diet


I’m thinking after this round a little back/chest wax may be in order :wink:


OK, got my answer on the Pulse Fast livespill page… I’ll be pulsing and sprinting on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday and Friday I’ll be hitting the gym using SWF and Surge Recovery to maximize the insulin sensitivity and all that good stuff. V-Diet shakes the rest of the time except a nice HSM on Saturdays.

Bring it!


Awesome. Go hard mate!
I’ll be following your progress.


Thanks Nate!

So far so good this morning, went for a walk then having the breakfast shake right now… I call it Orange Explosion. Vanilla MD with a little sugar free orange flavoured metamuci and some Biotest Intense Orange flavour… of course the explosion is my now orange hands from the flavouring lol. 2 V-Diets, and I still hate the taste of Superfood… oh well suck it up princess. I’m excited for my first pulse fast tomorrow even though it’s just MAG-10 should still be a good experience.

This was my first real walk about the neighbourhood (I moved here a few months ago, but crazy busy with work over the summer so I haven’t explored much) discoverd an awesome litte fruit and vegtable market with really good prices, I’ll have to try them out for HSM day. Saw a lot of joggers out this morning, and not many with “jogger pasta body” a couple guys jogged by who were jacked.

I don’t have a scale at home, I use one at the gym so I won’t have an official starting weight till my tuesday workout after the first pulse fast. I had been weighing in every monday throughout the Body of Fire program, and last Monday I was 198. Diet was good last week and workouts kicked ass so I figure that should be an ok starting point give or take a pound, but as we all know it’s not just about the scale.


Grabbed a tape measure to do a quick waist measurement, 39" “letting it all hang out” 36" “tightening up and sucking in” can’t wait to see them drop


Im excited to see how the Pulse /V-Diet works out and how you play with doing sprints and mixing it in.


me too dave! I’m just using MAG-10 but the experts say it should still work well. First one up tomorrow :smiley:

I’m also excited to get lean enough where I can start to try and add some muscle with the pulse fasts. I was debating doing 2 workouts on the day after, but considering all that I’m throwing at my body I might want to save something for next time around.


thats what Im planning I just ordered some MAG-10 and it should be here toward the end of week 3


that should work well for you… you can really ramp it up in the final weeks of the v-diet… one thing i just kinda realized is that i’ll be doing six pulses, which equals six days of no MD, meaning I could easily extend the V-Diet another almost week without getting any additional supps… we’ll see where I am in three weeks.


I was ready to order some extra supps to cover thelast week of my transition. Then I realized with the extra pulse days I could order less of the other stuff becaues it works out to several days I’m not using other supps at all.


having my final shake of the day in about half an hour (8 p.m.) I should be home and asleep by about midnight then having my first pulse tomorrow between 8 and 8:30 a.m. I had to have my nut butter with an earlier shake so that I could have my final one at work but all in all day was 100% spot on diet wise. No workout but sprints tomorrow.


Awesome, let us know how the pulse ends up working out!


Morning gang,
Had my first pulse at about 8 this morning, went for my NEPA then about to hit pulse 2 in about half an hour. I will say it’s a pain to mix up 5 pulses worth when you don’t have that big nalgene bottle or a big juice jug. I used a 2000 ml glass pitcher measuring cup which spills a bit on pouring so tomorrow I’ll have to grab a better jug. I’ll report back after my sprints.

I’ll add that I’m just using MAG-10 I didn’t have the other stuff, and they said to drop the HOT-ROX because of the other stuff, which I don’t have, so I might be fine to keep them in but for today it’s just MAG-10.


Great stuff Nate! Hope we both have breakthroughs during this period of time.


I think we will… in fact I know we will