Nate's V-Diet Log

Starting my V-Diet on monday. before pics and first update to come monday night. time to stop screwing around and get 'er done.

Short and sweet. Best of luck man! I’ll be right there with you.

Haha nice jo3 let’s rock this :smiley:

I’m actually gonna add a few more words so I at least seem like I have a bit of a personality lol. Basically i’m what Chris described in one of his recent posts as an all-or-nothing kind of guy. I’ve been lifting for about a year, but never really dialed in to the right diet and program. I first started by doing all machine work, one day per muscle for 5-6 days a weeek. When that didn’t work I tried a few other programs I found online that actually had me doing some compound exercises. Of course I didn’t pay any attention to my diet so I didn’t see much progress there. Eventually found Chad Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry book which lead me here.

I did lose a few pounds in the early months since I did a fair bit of slow cardio, and then when I followed HIAH I did put on a few pounds of muscle, but it’s all hidden by the fat lol. The more I learn about gaining muscle the more I realize that I need to really lose the fat to get my body in a healthier state and then start to increase the cal’s for a clean bulk. I love all Chris’s articles for the “former fat boys” so I"m hoping this V-Diet will help me add the “former” to the description of me.

So here’s my starting info…

Weight: 232 measured at my gym scale which I will be using each week.

Waist: 43.5" measured right across the belly button



Today was my first day. Hit stuck to the plan 100% but may have wussed out a bit on the workout.

8:30 1 HOT-ROX
8:30-9:15 Walk
9:30 Shake 1
1:30 Shake 2
3:00 1 HOT-ROX
6:00 Shake 3
7:50 Workout

I went with the Intermediate.
Squat - 225

Lat-Pulldown - 200

Bench Press - 185 (Decided to use BB instead of DB’s)

Ab Rollout

Like I said above I’ve done some HIAH so I’m kind of used to counting total reps and not worrying about the set, but I’m still not quite dead-on with the speed part. I think I went a bit light (not that those numbers are anything close to decent for the lenght of time I’ve been training :(. I was going “fast” but I think I should have went heavier “as fast as possible” which would appear slower to someone watching, but I’ll do better on wednesday.

8:20 Surge
9:45 Shake 4
12:00 Shake 5.

So far so good, a little hungry throughout the day, but a small price to pay.

Day 2 today. Felt good in the morning a little sore but good. Had the HOT-ROX then the walk then started the shakes for the day. Started feeling nauseous after my afternoon HOT-ROX but seems to have subsided as I drink my dinner shake. I might try taking my HOT-ROX with a shake, but i’ll keep them alone for a few days in case today was a fluke.

Day 3
No nauseous-ness… at least till I got to the gym lol. “medium” weight and short reps kicked my ass. by the end was dreading the Surge, but by the time i mixed it and started sipping it was all good. 2 shakes left for the day, so far so good. Going out for “drinks” with some co-workers tomorrow night so I’ll have a shake before I go and just drink water or get beer in a dark bottle and tip it to my lips but not swallow ever hahaha. Am i that insecure? we’ll know in about 30 hours LOL

Day 4
Hardest day so far. First real cravings and hunger pains. Had to work the 4am shift so I gauged down my breakfast shake at about 3:15. My “lunch break” at work was at 7:30. On my way to my car for my second shake I walked past the cafeteria which specializes in bland eggs and stale bacon and dry homefries.

The smell was intoxiating lol all I wanted to do was go in order a double of everything plus a copule bagels and cover it with salt and butter. Yikes. Then as soon as I got outside and some fresh air I thought McDonalds would be so much better. A couple mcmuffins, some hash browns, pancakes. sigh. Well i had my second shake now it’s 11 and I’m starving, another hour and I’ll be home for shake number three and my walk.

The shift was a last minute call so i’m tired which also gives me a legit excuse to stay home and miss drinks tonight. Last night I figured no problem right now i’m thinking “well 4 days was a good trial run of the V-diet. Maybe next time I’ll get to 5 or 6” Is it almost HSM day??

Day 5
Well I made it through yesterday, but skipped the drinks all together. Today I’m trying having my shakes one scoop at a time so they’re thinner and I can just slam them back. I’m really hating the stawberry so I gotta use it up lol. Probably psychological but I feel like I have a little less fat around the love handles/lower back area. Whether real or in my head it’s giving me some motivation to stick with it. HSM tomorrow :smiley:

Day 5 Continued.
Got home from the gym almost 2 hours ago and my face is still flushed and i’m still warm haha. Thanks Chad! Going out to celebrate a friends birthday tonight at a casual bar/pool hall so hopefully it’s a lot of standing around chatting with different people and I can keep the same full bottle in my hand the whole time.

Day 6
Survived last night with only about a swallow of beer and carried the same bottle around all night. Resisted all the group food… nachos potato skins etc. HSM tonight, probably steak and sweet potato nothing fancy we’ll see. Either way, I can’t wait to chew something!

Day 6 part 2
HSM was steak, sweet potato with salt pepper and garlic salt roasted in the oven with some asparagus. drizzled about a tablespoon of olive oil over the whole thing. Spinach salad with cucumber tomato and red pepper, a little chunk of feta crumbled and bit more olive oil. Nice crisp apple for dessert. The whole meal took about 45 minutes to eat.

Day 7
V-Burn today was intense took me 33:55 for all 6 circuits. I did regular squats instead of jump squats to avoid hitting my head on the ceiling, and after the first round switched from hand-walkouts to crunches because I didn’t have anything to pad my knees with (go ahead I"ma wuss :P). Did that about an hour after my breakfast shake, and then had my next shake about 2 hours after i was done. then spread the rest out with my last being in about 90 min. Weigh in tomorrow, I don’t have my own scale so I have to wait till I get to the gym which will be after 3 shakes so not the optimal situation, but at least it will be consistent for the entire 6 weeks.

Man I can’t stand the strawberry :S the raspberry Surge is sooooo good i would have though strawberry would be better. Oh well I have mostly chocolate left so that’s the lesser of all evils.

Day 8
Well I’m down one pound on the scale. I’m being positive… didn’t weigh first thing in the morning either time and my first weight was acutally done before the first day training. I think I feel a little leaner, a little less fat around the lowerback and thighs, maybe a slight bit less in the gut. My upper arms seem a little more toned (yes i know that’s a profane word around these parts haha) but at the same my forearms seem really small. Oh well. I’m following everything so we’ll see what happens by the end.
Side note I’ve always hated my forearms.

Day 9
Went well did my NEPA while waiting for my oil change so I did laps around the wal mart and the rest of the mall. I’m starting to think of what to do after V-Diet, and I"m going between either Chad Waterbury’s 12 week 10 lb fat loss 10 lb muscle gain, or the Stronglifts 5x5 Program. I’m leaning toward strong lifts because that has squats 3 times a week which I like, and a real focus on strength first which I really need.

Day 10
For some reason I’m feeling really tired and sluggish. I couldn’t get my ass out of bed till 930 this morning (an hour and a half after I planned) despite getting to bed around 11:30. Hmmmm oh well off for my walk. I guess after today I’m over one third done!

Day 11
Another day of trouble getting up. Strange, I’m not a morning person by any means but 8-830 shouldn’t be this hard. Did my workout last night, NEPA today was walking half hour to the subway so I could meet a friend downtown for coffee, I had a small black and didn’t finish it. Everything’s going fine shake and supp wise. Not too many bad hunger pains, starting to crave good healthy food, but yet I feel discouraged. I look in the mirror and don’t see any change. Scale at the gym shows one pound. I know it’s probably because I see myself everyday but it sucks. Definitely not quitting though. HSM on saturday, probably gonna make something beef and black bean based for a mexican flare.

Day 12
I just want some pasta. Tons of it’s white ab killing glory.

Day 12
On the way to the gym kept thinking about turning around going home and just eating. clearly i have issues that the V Diet is hopefully going to help me deal with. Sat in my car in the parking lot when i got there for a while just pissed at being fat and weak, slapped myself in the face, got angry and stormed into the gym ready to move some heavy shit. Didn’t do any mobility warm up or anything just a few light sets, not much stretching at the end so i might hurt tomorrow but whatever. I got mad enough to add about 10 lbs to all my lifts from last week and still move 'em as fast as i could. I guess the V-Diet seperates the men from the weak whiny little boys. For one more day at least I’ll stay the former.

Day 13
HSM Today was a big salad with some ground beef and beans with some chili and mexican spices on it and some shredded cheese. Gonna have one more shake tonight then go to bed. That’s only 3 shakes plus HSM. Oh well.

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