Nate's V-Diet Log Round 2

Hey guys and gals,
It’s my second run through the V-Diet and I’m hoping for even better results than last time. I did it in January, and I’ll be honest I don’t think I did it with 100% intensity or compliance.

I lost a good 10 lbs of fat and since then I’ve lost a few more, but at the same time found myself slipping in terms of diet. I did the 5x5 program since and really liked it, but at the same time found myself not eating enough to recover and keep adding weight to the bar because I’m still fat so I’m focusing 100% on fat loss from now till september (minimum maybe longer) and then go from there.

A few tweaks I’m doing this time around to ensure success.
-Using Flameout instead of my normal fish oil. It had similar amounts of DHA and EPA but not near as much CLA so I figured it’d be ok (and of course didn’t post that on hear for fear of Shugart and his Hammer :wink:

-Using almond butter instead of penut butter. According to Mark Sisson penuts are actually a legume not a nut, go figure but it could make a difference for me

-Doubling my NEPA. I’ll do a walk first thing in the morning before the breakfast shake, and I just discovered at work there’s a path through the trees around the building that takes about half and hour to walk so I’ll be doing that at my lunch break.

-Not missing any shakes. Last time through by the end of the day I usually wasn’t hungry so I skipped the last shake a few times. I’ll just get up earlier to fit them all in if I have to.

-Z-12. I had trouble sleeping last time so ended up sleeping in more and having to push NEPA till later or skip the workout and do it the next day.

-Preparation. I bought 5 shaker bottles and will mix each shake for the day and keep in my car with a big jug of water so I never miss a shake.

I “officially” start tomorrow, but I’m doing it today anyways. One HOT-ROX twice a day for today to ease back into it.

I think that’s it.

Let’s crush it.

Here’s my before and after from the last round. Decent results, but let’s kick it up a notch this time around. I actually dropped a few more lb’s since but they’re starting to creep back.

CRUSH IT! Welcome back to the team. Much success to you this time.

Thanks Jason! I guess that pic didn’t work, lets try again haha.

Official first day, so far so good got up early got the first NEPA done hitting the gym in a bit. The superfood doesn’t seem to taste as bad as last time so that’s a plus lol

Day 2
rest of yesterday went well, workout was excellent, felt great this morning other than a little sore (in the good way :wink: around 2 right after shake number 3 i started to feel like garbage. weird. oh well.

Day 11
Still going strong, overall it seems a little easier this time around, hurt my back doing deads last week (my fault for poor setup) so pushed workouts to tue/thu/sat this week. Feel, great lots of energy and the weather’s been great for NEPA.

I love dead lifts. They are my favorite lift.

Good luck with the rest of the diet.

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