Nate's Log

Just testing if attaching an image works…

Awesome, it worked. Tomorrow I’ll add some before photos… eek.

August 21st, Front. Yuck.

August 21st, Back. Terrible.

August 21st, Side.

Well, that was pretty humbling.

Day 5 begins. Having my breakfast shake now, and off to work.

Day 4 in Review.

As I posted earlier on, I was feeling pretty shit yesterday afternoon.
Started to get real tired and drowsy. But I had my dinner time shake, and things turned around.

I had all my shakes yesterday and probably did about 50 minutes total walking.

So yep, today is Day 5 and I’m now at work.
I have stepped up my water intake while on the Vdiet… so now I piss alot. o.O

2 hours until my lunch time shake. I didn’t go for a walk this morning, so I probably will at lunch time.

Usually after working out, I’m sore the next day, and even worse the day after that.
But today I’m feeling not bad at all, and I’m looking forward to todays workout.

For my HSM tomorrow, I’m going to have some steak, vegies, chicken and a small portion of rice.

I’ll probably ditch the rice. But I can’t wait to taste those real foods.
It’s gonna be a party in my mouth.

It’s amazing. I can almost pin point the time when my stomach starts to growl, and I get hungry.

It’s always an hour leading up to my Lunch time shake.

Okay so I have decided that I will have my HSM tonight.
And continue that through out the 4 weeks. HSM on Friday nights.

I just finished my workout, I’m sipping on the Surge Recovery…
I’m feeling great. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow morning though.
Didn’t get any headaches today.

I’ll take some photos of my HSM and post it up. Seems to be the ‘in thing’.

Hey Nate,
stay strong brother, sounds like you’re rocking it so far! If I may say looking at your pics you’ve got a solid base of muscle so the V-Diet should make you look great.

@ nateschmidt24 - Thanks for the encouragement! I’d like to think I’ve got a solid base to build from.
I think I might even be building more muscle. Again, thanks for the encouragement!

Day 5 in Review.

Okay so I did about 20 minutes of walking yesterday at lunch time.
I also did the workout which was awesome.
I think I’m getting used to the Surge Recovery drink.
I drank it quicker than I have previously.

I also had my HSM which I’ll post a photo of.
Steak, Chicken and Vegetables.
It tasted amazing! I didn’t use any sauces - I didn’t need to.

My only fault yesterday was that I fell asleep after that, and I forgot to have my last shake of the day. Kinda annoyed when I woke up this morning and realized that I had forgotten.

But never mind, today is a new day. - Day 6.
I woke up and had my Breakfast shake, then went for a motorcycle ride up the mountains.

I’m about to have my lunch time shake now. And later on, I’ll do the V-burn Challenge.

Oh, I didn’t eat both plates! I cooked a meal for my girlfriend too. :slight_smile:

Day 6 in Review.
Been a good day. Was faced with lots of food today but I found it easy to say, “No thanks”.
I got some weird looks in return. But hey - I’d rather look and feel the best I can.

I did the V-burn Challenge… and a challenge it was. My heart was pumping hardcore!
I completed it in 24 minutes and 54 seconds.
Definately something to improve on.

I also aim to step up a notch my walking! I am going to try and add another 10 minutes or so.

Going to take some photos tomorrow and some measurements as well.
Then on Monday morning, I’ll weigh myself and see the results so far.

Whatever the results, I am feeling so much better than I was before the V-Diet!
My view of food has changed heaps too, and for the better.

I’m about to make my bed time shake right now, but I have question…
If anyone reads this and can help out it would be hugely appreciated.
Am I supposed to have my Surge Recovery, after V-burn Challenge?
Sorry if it’s been mentioned and I’ve completely missed it.

“Seize the day, by the throat.”



And finally, side…

Today is Day 7.
I can see slight differences, if I look close.
But I’m feeling better and have already gone down a belt hole.

Will take some measurements tomorrow morning.

Now, time for my lunch time shake. :slight_smile:

I went for a walk today. 30 minutes.
Just finished my dinner shake and will have my bed time shake later on.
Feeling good. Will weigh myself tomorrow morning.
And post it up.

Day 7 in Review.

Everything went well.
Had all my shakes. Walked. And I’m feeling good.

Making my Breakfast shake for Day 8 now.
I weighed myself this morning…


That’s 3.4kg I have lost in the first week. (7.5lbs)

Lost 2" off my chest.
1" off my waist.
3" off around my hips.
And an inch off each thigh.

Okay, time for my shake. :slight_smile:

There is a stupid “tradition” here in the office where I work.
It goes something like this:
If it’s your birthday, YOU bring in cake so everyone else to eat.
It’s good when it isn’t your birthday… but when you are on the Vdiet and there are 30 people in the office, you tend to get people bringing in cake for morning tea every couple of weeks or so.

So today is one of those days… someone has brought cake in.
If I don’t go to the ‘meeting’ they think I’m weird.
If I do go and don’t eat, they think I’m weird.
If I do go, and eat, I have ruined everything, and then I just become one of them… yuck.

I’m not going to go.

“Bulimic Super Model”.

That is what I got called for not eating the cake.

I just laughed in their face. Look at my pics… do I look like a bulimic super model…? LOL.

Anyway. Just finished my workout and I can see that I’m getting stronger.
I’m now having my Surge Recovery and… I actually am starting to like it.
My girlfriend will be here soon, and we’re going to go for a walk.

Happy times.

Hey looks like everything is going really well for you. I hate getting looks for turning down food. When you do it and you’re a girl they automatically assume you’re a bitch who thinks they’re better than everyone. Oh well, others will think what they think. Your dinner looks so good, I wish I had taken pictures of mine! Keep up the awesome work.

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