Nate's Log

I needed a place to write.
I figured this is a good place to be.
Accountability, support, good information, motivation and like-minded people.

I’m 20 years old, weigh 100kg (220lbs), I have a solid build but carry alot of unwanted fat.
I’ve been the fat/chubby one my whole life, was a sick kid growing up on lots of medication.

I want to change the way I look. I wake up, look in the mirror and know I can be better.
What I see is not who I really am.

I tend to know what and how I need to do things to get to where I want to be.
But I struggle so badly. My diet is one of my main downfalls.
I don’t have the kind of money to afford the V-diet.
So my main option is to eat cleanly, lowering carbs, increasing protein portions and including healthy fats. Hopefully leading to a Velocity Life lifestyle.

My goals are to lose my love handles and bitch tits, and maintain my muscle mass.
(Isn’t that what 95% of people aim for?)
Not only this, I just want to lead a healthier life and be comfortable with myself.
(I wouldn’t dare take my shirt off in public)

I know I need to put in max effort to have a major body transformation.
I don’t want to get caught up on which Training Program I do, I know I just need to do it with intensity and consistency. Results will come.

I am pissed off and want to change. I am going to start right now.
I will post my thoughts, struggles and also my accomplishments.

I heard somewhere that writing things down will help with a body transformation.

My post is probably really confusing and all over the place.
I guess this thread will largely be for myself, but if others are willing to offer advice, help or support, it would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks, Nate.

I’ve been on the V-life website for 3 hours now.
I’m convinced that if I really want to smash my bad habits, the V-diet is a must!
I calculated a diet program and I think that within a month or so I should be able to afford this. I want to do it properly, the right way - the first time.
Go hard out for 28 days, break through my bad habits.
I have nothing to lose, except my body fat.

I took a photo of myself with my shirt off, and I was shocked/embarrassed.
I was going to post it up… but, I just couldn’t. This made me furious with myself.

Pretty much straight away, I went outside and started to workout.
I kept my rest periods to a minimum, and it was one of the best workouts I’ve done in a while.
I had a healthy meal for dinner, protein shake, creatine and fish-oil capsules.

My battle is in my mind.

Hang on to that “before” pic, Nate. You’ll want it for comparison and bragging when you’re an “after”!

Keep us posted!

Thanks Chris! I’ll be sure to do that.

What a crazy weekend! I’ve been so sore after my last workout.
Squats are a real killer! I also fell off my skateboard and landed pretty badly.
Cuts and grazes everywhere! Ah well, man up.

I’ve made the decision to do the V-diet.
I get paid monthly, so next pay day, I’ll order all the supplements.
When it arrives, I’ll start!
I’m going to stick to this plan to a T and I can’t wait to earn my results.
I want to be leaner, meaner and more comfortable with how I look, by my 21st birthday in Oct.

I’ve been looking at the Intermediate training program closely…
It looks great! Includes all the good things that I love.
I am going to start the training part of this V-diet today.

I’m looking forward to the challenge!

I hope that when I order all the supplements, I wont have any problems with customs.
I know I can’t get HOT-ROX, but I’ll probably order myself some Carbolin 19.

You’re not alive unless you’re living.

Just did the first workout of the Intermediate Training Program.
It went really well. 30 second rest periods kept it real intense.
Not used to front squats, prefer back squats but just need to toughen up.
Ab-wheel roll out was hard for me! But I’ll get there and think I’ll improve quickly.

Going to go to the shops and buy some ingredients and cook a nice meal for myself and my girlfriend.
I’m thinking Atlantic Salmon and some steamed vegetables. Yum.

Now for a protein shake.

Okay, so… I did it.
I just bought all the supplements.
My bank account is now significantly lower…
Shit. I just couldn’t keep waiting. I want to get stuck right into it.

I hope it doesn’t take too long to get here, and hopefully customs don’t mess me around.
The waiting game begins.

At the moment I feel super shit, but I can’t wait for the challenge, and to come out the other side.

I’m so frustrated right now.
I spent Sunday night at the hospital.
I had sharp pains in my ribs and chest, and had difficulty breathing.
To sum up, I’ve had a couple of days off work, and am on some heavy drugs for pain relief.

On another note, I have been following my order on the FedEx site, and my supplements are finally in Australia.
I have a feeling that they’ll arrive some time this week.

My only problem is that I’ll have to wait until my ribs and chest are back in good order before starting the V-diet. I don’t want to start it, and end up doing a half-arsed job.

I want to attack this with all I’ve got!

My supplements arrived yesterday, and I’ll be starting on Monday (23rd of August).

I just took some photos, and I look awful. Talk about photo-shocked. Yuck!

(Can anyone explain how to put photos up?)

I started this morning.

I woke up and walked for 20 minutes.
Then I had my first breakfast shake. It tasted great!
It was also very filling.

Now I’m at work, and I am looking forward to my Lunch Shake.

Here are some stats:

Weight - 101.2kg
Height - 176cm
Chest - 47.5"
Waist - 44"

[quote]natedog11six wrote:
(Can anyone explain how to put photos up?)


Click on new reply and then click on the choose file button for attach image. I think you can only do one photo per post so you’ll need mulitple posts if you have more than one picture.

Good luck with the diet man. I’m only on day four myself and it’s definitely a challenge.

Thanks for the help. Good luck with your diet too.
At the moment I’m not feeling too hungry at all.
I’ll have my 3rd shake in about an hour or so.

It was frustrating when the other people brought back their lunch into the office.
Burgers, and cheap take away…

I’ve also got friends telling me that it’s dangerous going on the V-diet.
I tell them that eating shit foods and drinks with huge amounts of sugar…
That’s dangerous.

Looking forward to going home, going for a walk and doing my workout.

Day 1 in review.

I had all my shakes at roughly 3 hours apart.
I found that the shakes were quite filling.
I don’t think I was ever actually hungry, but I still had the cravings for food.

I walked for 20 minutes in the morning.
I did my first workout which I found great.
Good exercises and was very testing.
I then went for another walk in the evening with my girlfriend, which was another 20 minutes.

The Surge Recovery was weird, I didn’t like the taste all that much, and it was real sweet.
But who cares? Man up and just do what you have to.

I decided to not mix the Natural Peanut Butter into my last shake of the day.
Instead I had it by itself, and it was amazing.

I’d say Day 1 went well, and now I begin Day 2.
I’m feeling better in myself. I find I’m not farting as much… LOL.
I guess it’s because I’ve cut out all the milk.

Breakfast shake is down… Bring on Lunch time shake!

Went for a quick walk at lunch time, and had my lunch time shake.
My pecs are pretty sore from dumbbell bench, but it’s a good sore.

Walking back to the office, there is a steep hill and drive way…
I noticed how I was almost out of breath when I got to the top.
It made me realise how far I had let myself go.

I started to get really hungry about an hour leading upto my lunch time shake.
But now I’m all good. :slight_smile:

This is a mission, but I know I can and will succeed.

Day 2 in Review.

So Day 2 went well, although I had a slight headache for most of the day.
I guess this would be because I’ve cut out all my coffee.
I am noticing that I am feeling a lot better within myself - it’s great.
I had a good walk when I got home from work, went for about 20 minutes.
My legs were burning pretty bad, but it was okay.

I found that I started to get hungry about an hour or so before it was time to have a shake.
But for my bed time shake, I didn’t even feel hungry.

So now it’s Day 3, I’m having my breakfast shake as a type.
I don’t have work today, but do have to go to college for a class.
I usually buy lunch with a friend, so this will be a small obstacle to overcome.

No headache, so that’s a plus!

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.”

Half way through Day 3.

I just completed the workout for today, and I’m wrecked!
I realize how I’ve gone wrong in the past with my workouts.
REST PERIODS. Sure, I always knew that it had to be intense, but keeping a real record of how long you’re resting between sets, that’s how you keep it intense.

Again, this Surge Recovery tastes awful. I hope I get used to it.

I’m not feeling hungry at all today so far, and I don’t have a headache.
I’ll be going for a walk with my girlfriend later this afternoon.
It’s great to have someone who supports me and encourages me.

Day 3 in Review.

Another great day! My girlfriend and my brother were cooking dinner last night and it smelt so good. But deep down, I knew I’d feel shit if I ate the same foods. So I made my dinner time shake and it was great, and I was satisfied.

I had all my shakes yesterday, even though it was a struggle to finish a few of them.
I put the Natural Peanut Butter in my bed time shake (chocolate flavour) and it was awesome.

I went for a walk yesterday night for about 20 minutes too.

Today is Day 4. I made myself go for a walk this morning because tonight I have a late class.
I’ve had my breakfast shake, and I’ve prepared 3 of my other shakes for the rest of the day.
Just add water, and shake!

I don’t know if this Vdiet will get easier or harder, but at the moment, I’m doing okay.

I’m really feeling it after yesterdays workout, especially after Deadlift.

“Pain is weakness leaving your body.”

Lunch time shake… THANK GOD.

Hey I’m just finishing up my Day 3 right now. I feel super tired today and have been told by others that days 3-7 are the worst, so I know I just have to push through it. I love your motto - ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’.

@ cmoore213 - Keep going strong! I feel tired at times too, but keep pressing on toward your goal. :slight_smile:

I’ve just come back from lunch. A mate and I walked to the local take away place.
… I can happily say I sat down and drank my lunch time shake.
I wasn’t tempted to buy any food at all.

So that’s 30 mins of walking at lunch time, and 20 minutes of walking before work today.
2 shakes down… still no headache.

Having my last shake of Day 4 now.
Wasn’t feeling too good earlier, but now I’m fine.
I’m still really sore from yesterdays workout.
More deadlift in tomorrows workout… I know I’ll manage.

I’m already thinking about my Healthy Solid Meal for Saturday dinner.
Excitement is building!

Good night y’all, tomorrow is Day 5. :slight_smile:

Oh, and just quickly, I totally agree with the Live Spill for today.
Throw the scales out. I’m so tempted to weigh myself every time I see them.
But it’s absolute shit. I’m going to get my brother to hide/burn them.

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