Naris V-Diet *Toe In, Toe Out, Then Jump*

Right starting with the softly softly approach have started on the diet plan using 1 day 1 shake building up to the proper diet by monday this is due to the family going on a 3 day hiking and archery exepdition this weekend so far shakes are not to bad although trying to be a clever bugger i pre made my 7am shake with my 3 am one and felt all organised then tried to drink the congeled stoge (not a good plan ) but it went down.

So did the exercises last week and this week no real weight but just checking from and intensity (i think i need more of them both so mondya will be the killer and checker)
Kinda excited about it kinda nervous but hey ho
so sats so far

Neck 14
Bicep 16
Forearm 10
Chest 40
Waist 36
Hips 43
Thigh 23
Calf 17

side view from this morning

Welcome aboard. Wish you much success!!

So week one went well , was surprised that once you get into the swing of thinkgs it flows well, although hubby is not 100% behind me and keeps muttering darkely about real food and cooking for me,although as last meal is a 8 pm it is easy to give it to the doggys.

Am thinking aboput pre making my sahkes the evening before a once i am out of the house i am not back in and its a pain to lug it all around but do have sigg bottles that may work, right horses calling

This is what I do, even though I know shaker bottles aren’t highly recommended:
In the morning, while I drink my first shake, I baggie everything up for the day, and then stick the baggies into my shaker bottle. This I can then put in my bag, which has a few bottles of water. The flax seed needs to be kept refrigerated, which I have next to my desk at work, so I stick the shaker bottle (baggies and all) in the fridge door. When I need a shake, I take it out, pour a baggie into the bottle (after removing the other baggies of course), add water, shake, drink, rinse, then put the baggies back into the bottle, and the bottle back into the fridge. This has been working wonders for me, and it’s only the one bottle to carry around if you use tap water, otherwise I use half a liter of water from my bottled water I keep at the office. Hope this helps!

As the the hubby, don’t let him derail you! You can do this, and remember, you’re doing this for YOU!!! If you need anything, people are here to help, so just ask!

I have a sweet little hand held blender that inserts perfectly into the shaker…it allows me to add ice without pullin’ the big 'o blender out. Works great and I think they are relatively inexpensive @ Walmart. I too usually put all the dry stuff in and carry shakes with me when I’m out…after al, just add water. I did find some calorie free Mint Water “Metro Mint”…I mix that in my chocolate shake that includes everything and wow, its a girl scout’s thin mint cookie all of a sudden. Awesome really. Found that in the health section @ the local grocery store (Kroger).

Keep up the great work.

Hi Naridia, welcome to the team. I just started my plan a week ago. I am on day 2 of week 2 and it isnt bad. it is hard when you have a spouse who is either not on the plan or who stresses and wants comfort foods all the time. try to stay on track and be strong. who knows maybe by seeing your strength he will want to do it.

the hand held blender is the best idea I have seen for shakes on the go. I work at home so its easy for me. the hubby is doing it with me and he bought a cheap blender and put in his office at work so he can make his shakes.

I highly recommend a lot of ice in your shakes and mix them up to create cool flavors. Jason’s suggestion of the mint water is a good one. I plan on getting some this weekend.
stay strong, post your progress and we are here for you.

Go get’em today champ!

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