Nalgene Bottle? Diet Prep?


Just got my shipment in… I seem to remember it used to come with a Nalgene Bottle. Does it not anymore, or did I get jipped?

Nonetheless, I’m stoked to start and see what kind of progress I can make.

Any suggestions for foods to eat, pitfall to avoid to prep my gullet for the diet? I want to avoid any chance of nausea and/or headache that I’ve seen mentioned on here in the past.


Great pic!

No, the Nalgene bottles like this one above only come with the Pulse Fast package. Now, many moons ago we gave smaller ones away with HOT-ROX purchases, but that’s been a while. (My last HR bottle somehow touched an element in a dishwater and melted. So sad.)

As for prepping, it depends on your current diet and experience with things like Metabolic Drive, HOT-ROX, etc. Some people, like me, can’t take HOT-ROX on an empty stomach as the instructions say. I have to have it with a shake. Still works great. So that’s where most of the nausea complaints come from, and it’s easily fixed.

If someone has never had a Metabolic Drive shake before, I often advise them to go ahead and blend one up with ice, water, and no additions, and enjoy. It’s like “shake practice.” It also lets them know how great MD tastes, so if it turns out the flax seed is too much for them, then they know that it’s the flax and not the MD, and we can then modify if needed.

Some people also choose to take a few days to lower carbs and prepare for the reduced-carb V-Diet. Others have one last cheat meal and go out with a bang! So that’s up to you. I’ve seen success both ways.


Thanks Chris, and great advice.

My main protien has always been ON’s NitroCore 24 protien. Its got a few additional protein sources, and more carbs, but its a high quality protein so I don’t foresee a problem with digesting MD. My current diet has always been on the lower carb side (or at least the bulk in the morning and around my workouts) so I dont think that will be a struggle either.

I agree and will probably be just like you and others and have to take HOT-ROX with the shakes.

Is taking a multiviatamin/ herbals (tribulus, etc) ok on this diet? Or should I rely solely on the Superfood to take care of my vitamin support. I know it was covered in the program, but I’ve taken multi’s and herbals every day for quite a while now and I’d like to avoid any impacts it might cause switching off of them for a bit.


The extra vits probably won’t hurt, but probably aren’t needed with Superfood.


Sounds good Chris. I’ll keep them on hand and if I feel funny I’ll break out the multis.

Thanks for the wisdom, and wish me luck!