Naga's V-Diet Log (Started Dec 5th)

Hi all,
I’m not really good at keeping a log. Somehow I never find the time to consistantly post in them. So why start one? Because I feel obligated to do so. The logs of all the other V-Dieters are a really big help for me, so I feel I have to return the favor.

I’m a guy, 36 years old, living in Amsterdam, Holland. 6ft tall, 192,5 lbs.BF%? don’t know, but somewhere around 25-26%.
I’ve been training sinds I was 25, so 11 years now. My ultimate best was about 5 years back. I was a personal trainer in a gym and trained 6 days a week, no exceptions. I was in University at that time, so life was easy with lots of spare time. Plenty of time to train, prepare meals etc. I went to 190lbs, with 9% BF. (thats my goal right there…gotta get back in that shape)

Then I finished my master of science, started having a career. Since then, career is up, body comp and health is down. So is my spare time btw…

In those past 5 years I’ve made a lot of attempts to better myself. Did the Tom Venuto BFFM thing, and then ofcource followed the Berardi PN thing. Never followed any of it through…

Training its the same story. I strive to get 4 workouts in every week, but I only average 1-2 a week. But never consistently. Always like 3x a week, then 2 weeks nothing, then 3 weeks 2x a week, then 4 weeks nothing…So progress? None…

So here we are. V-Diet. Another attempt? Nope… I’m not trying this time…I’m doing it. Big difference there. I can feel it…strange sensation. Feels like I’m winning. Slaying the beast that’s been hunting me for 5 years…Now I’m gonna be the one that ends up on top. Really good feeling.

Why the V-Diet? Its straight forward, easy to plan, no cooking, doing groceries, doing dishes… Don’t have to think, just have to do. And the results are quick and extreme. So is the diet btw, but it suits my character: on or off, no middle ground…

I started on dec 5th, which means I’ll have my first transition day on 1st of January. So Christmas is gonna look very…uh…well…different then usual. No all out binge eating sessions for 3 days in a row… Nope… I’m going to my mom on the 26th and she 's gonna make me an HSM :slight_smile: How about that? That’s it…

Why now? Why not wait untill the 1st of Jan?

  1. I made my choice…so had to do it…NOW! (remember…on/off ;))
  2. It has advantages. Because I’m gonna miss out on a lot of calories this month, more then any other time of the year. Start on Jan 1st, and I’ll have an additional 5lbs to loose…
  3. transition in january is good. Its a very boring month…no specials there…good for creating new habits
  4. I have 2 weeks of in about 10 days. So all the time in the world to train, shake, nepa etc.

And how is it going so far? Exceptionally well actually. This is day 4. Haven’t had a difficult moment yet. Strange.

  1. all supps go down well
  2. HOT-ROX makes me feel a bit …well…strange I suppose, but nothing worth mentioning really
  3. shakes and flax are not nice, but very doable.
  4. first training (intermediate) yesterday went great. Was a bit carefull with the intensity. Was affraid of really going full out, because I hadn’t eaten in 3 days. But to my suprise I actually felt very strong. So I ended up having one of the most intense workouts of the year. Felt really good!!
  5. Nepa: not as much as I would like to. I do take the stairs everywhere. Even when its 10 stories high (its an oppotunity right? ;)). Did Nepa yesterday for 30 min.

Still have to take measurements. Will do that sometime this week.
Took pictures. I’ll probably will post those at the end. before and after shots.

I’ll update whenever I have the time. That probably will not be a daily thing :wink:

Day 5

All is well. Feel ok. Apart from the sour muscles due to monday workout…but that fine :).

I’m really looking forward to the workout of today. Strange… It’s for the first time in 3 years or so, that I felt like that… Cool … Also the fact that I get to have some extra kcal from the Surge is appealing. Makes me feel good…

shakes still go down well. Haven’t missed any so far. Supps are fine aswell. Took them all.

I’ll have my first HSM meal on saturday (thats day 8). It’s more fun on a saturday for me, cause I can really take my time with it. I’m going to take my girl out to diner in a really nice fish restaurant. It’ll be a real treat… Will be missing my glas of wine though…ah well…can’t have it all…

So far it’s been easy…really. Everyday I wake up expecting the worst…but so far…never happened. I’m sure I’ll have bad days…and I’m ready for them…just haven’t encountered any of them yet :slight_smile:


Day 5 - 9.29 pm

Finished work at 6, was in the gym at 7.15, and did my second workout. 40 reps in total for each excersise and only 30 sec rest. Damn…thats a killer. Got most of my weight right the first set. I did still have a lot of muscle sourness from the training monday. This out of shape body of mine can’t seem to remember how to recuperate :). So training was tough but nice. Only pulled a lower back muscle with the bent over rowing :frowning: Hurts like hell right now. To bad. Think its because of my thight hams and glutes. Really got to start stretching. So mayby I’ll take some yoga lessons on my non workout days. It might help me recover a bit quicker? Also thought I might add some glutamine. Usually helps me a lot.

I’ll wait an other hour and then I can have my last shake of the day…

With great hesitation and regret…here are my before shots…lets get it over with…:frowning:



Day 9
I had my HSm yesterday. Went to a fine restaurant and had some sashimi, green salad, steamed veggies and a Dorade steamed with a nice olive dressing on top. Was really nive and enjoyed myself.

I was a bit suprised however about how ‘normal’ it felt. Just another meal… not the feeling you’d expect when being deprived of solids for 8 days. Guess thats a good sign. Maybe its because I didnt have a really hard time so far on the V-diet.

So this morning all is back to normal again. Shakes are going down well again…no probs.

Also did some yoga yesterday. I feel this helps me enormously with my muscle sourness. Today almost pain free :slight_smile:

And I took some progress pics…I’m a very happy man right now…really happy!

Overall mass is increasing rapidly. Thank you muscle memory…
biggest transformation is in my back. The hated folds in my lower back are dissapearing …And V-shape is returning.

Weight on the scale this morning: 191,4 lbs (-1,1 lbs). Considering the pics, I’m really happy about that. Why? Because my goal is to get back at 190 lbs with abs visible (thats what I looked like 5 years back) and lets say a BF% of 10%. So as long is my pics are improving and the weight sticks to 190lbs…I’m a real happy camper.
I’m aware I’ll loose more lbs during this diet. And I’m also aware that just the V-Diet alone won’t get me to 10% BF level. But the rate I’m going at right now, I’ll get a hell of a kick-off :slight_smile:

So…very happy Naga right now


In addition:
What I really like about the V-Diet: I don’t have to worry about “am I doing everything right? Will I loos fat?” . It’s obvious: If I take all my supps and shakes on time, and I do my work in the gym…I’m loosing Fat. No doubt about that. With that faith/fact in mind its very easy to look at the scale and pics and not get distracted by the numbers… Very peacefull in my head right now :wink: (hope you understand what I mean…sometimes difficult to say in English what I mean…bare with me)

day 11
still goiong strong. Everything by the book. DOMS is getting better :slight_smile:

day 12
The human body is full of suprises… Last week I had the worst case of DOMS after every training. 3-4 days of pain for each and every excersise I did. This week…NOTHING? Still waiting for any signs of sourness from monday training… Adoption is a good thing :slight_smile:

Other things I’ve noticed:

  1. apparently I’m not as much hung up on solid foods as I thought. 12 days ago I started this and never had a difficult moment. Not even when my girlfriend ordered Thai-food. The whole room smelled of curry (I love curry) and still…nothing? Just sat there, drank my shake and all was well…Strange…
  2. Somehow if I have a real goal, training is fun again for me. Every single workout, I enjoy. Restdays are difficult…wanna go to the gym and do somethingh to help me achieve my goals…Strange…
    3)My weight has been real steady the past eleven days. And then…all of a sudden…this morning…2 lbs…gone…:slight_smile: strange…

The shakes and supps are becoming a routine fast. No side effects still. Never missed a shake or pill so far. Drinking like a 1,2 gallon a day (minimum). No coffee (used to drink like 20 cups a day), no softdrinks not even tea…just plain water… feels nice. Seems to give me lots of energy, in training but also in life…

All in all…its been a good 12 days so far.

Yesterday I was thinking about diet and training after V-diet. Want to gain some size, but I never want to go above 12% BF again (uh…spoken like someone who has now achieved less then 12%…haha…I have not…yet ;)). Outcome of yesterdays contemplation was: let’s first finish this and see where I’m at. If I can see my abs…I’ll gradually work my way up to 3000kcals and lift heavy. If I still can’t see them…I’ll go for 2500 kcals and lift heavy and do some cardio. Gotta keep things simple. If the simple things don’t work…I’ll make it more complex. First the basics: healthy food, heavy lifting, enough sleep and ofcource happy thoughts


training today went great! Stamina is improving big time (I have a feeling it’s partly due to the improved water intake during the day and no coffee (minus 20 that is) ). Also improved on all my lifts. I’m tired now. So pretty curious how I feel in the morning.

day 13
I don’t know what the heck is happening too my body…but I like it :slight_smile:
This morning I woke up, felt very rested, no DOMS at all…
Usually when I train in the evening (especially with the intensity that I did yesterday) I’m completely wrecked the next morning and normally with aching musles… Nothing like that at all…

Day 15
Today my holiday started. 14 days off! Oh joy :)! I haven’t planned anything yet. But I’m sure I’ll manage :wink:

The good thing is: I’ll be completly rested during my workouts. In my experience thats a HUUUGEE difference. My work is quite demanding (aswell in energy as in time…). So, nothing of that for 14 days…and usually that transforms me into a completly different person! Much more energy, less stress, completely relaxed. The good life :wink:

The downside ofcource is the complete lack of routine in my days. I’ll probably won’t get up before 10-11 am. and then…well…a lot of spontanious actions during the day. Maybe I’ll leave the house to go shopping, thinking to return in 2 hrs, and end up going to friends and not returning home 3 am in the morning…
So, in order to not let that interfere with my compliance, I just won’t leave the house without a supply of shakes for the whole day :slight_smile: Also, there is one routine I’ll stick to. Every monday, wednessday and friday it’s workout day. No compromises there. That’s a promise I made (to myself, and now sharing this with you ;)).

I found out during this diet it helps to try and foresee risks and threats in the nearby future. If you know whats coming, you’ll be prepared. So, I hope I have that covered for the next two weeks.

As for my progress:
Still am a 100% compliant to diet and training. Weighted myself this morning: 118,5 lbs. So down “only” 4 lbs. Very happy with that, because when I look in the mirror I really like what I see. (didn’t take any measurements and regret that a little right now). Here is what I notice:

  1. my shirts and suits fit very differently. Better! My pants are less thight around my waist, my shirts are a lot thighter on top (arms, chest/back).
  2. when in the gym or in casual clothing people start complimenting me on my “big” arms and wide shoulders :slight_smile:
  3. people are noticing the leaness in my face (they either say: “did you lose weight?” or "are you tired?"LOL)
  4. My weights in the gym are getting higher every single workout, stamina is increasing rapidly. First week I thought the intermediate program was grueling, now I’m not sure if it maybe to light for me…no matter how hard I train. I adhere to the short rest time meticilously, I up the weight big time and I even throw in an extra excersise now and then (yeahyeah…I know…not supposed to do that…bad boy). Point is: I’m improving!
  5. When I flex my abs, I can again see the upper two rows of abs :). Ok, I’ll admit…it takes REALLY hard flexing…but hey…they’re there …good to know right? :slight_smile: haha…LOL

So, overall I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made so far. It really feels that my body is returning to its previous best shape (5 years a go) in a hurry. As if it remembers…so a lot of relatively easy gains right now.

Today HSM. I think I’m going for a stake today :slight_smile: Life is good right now!

Great that you are so strictly compliant, even after full two weeks. HSM day is always nice, keep it up :smiley:

thx man! Appreciate the support!
LOL: I was still editing my post, removing all typo’s when you posted… Now my post has a later time stamp then yours…strange…

Day 17: progress pics



Including the transition phase, I have 25 day’s left in this diet. Looking at these pics I’m very happy about that!!! Because although I definitely see change and see everything is better then it was…I still feel embaressed of how I look…

Ah well…It’s all gonna change…can’t wait for the end results (and by that I mean 1st of april…because I’m hoping that by then I’ll have the shape I desire). So after V-diet it’s clean eating and hard training…
to be continued

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