Nadajohn's V-Diet


Well it’s my first day. As a former diabetic I was worried about the recovery drink and I can’t use it because the carbs spiked my blood sugar and made me fall asleep :slight_smile: I officially got off of the medicine in March 2012 by using a low carb diet and exercise. The doctor was in shock he was ready to put me on insulin at that point but I changed my life and the Velocity Diet is a new tool to change it even more. Unfortunately it will be without a recovery drink.

My stats follow: (Done with an OMRON Scale
BF 31.5
Weight 240.8
BMI 36.1
Visceral Fat 20
Neck 17.75
Waist at Belly Button 49
Hips 43.5
Thigh 26
Calf 17
Bicep 15.5
Forearm 12.5


It aint pretty but it’s better than I was in 1/12 :slight_smile: My goal is to be in single digit BF by Sept and then compete in a bodybuilding competition in 3/13 at 4% BF thats the goal :slight_smile: The path has gotten me off of medication and in better shape with the future looking brighter no matter how long it takes.


When I look at this body/ my body and figure out my aprox lean body mass of 166 pds that’s a good amount of muscle. At 4% I would be at 172 pds and be ripped 10% would be 176. I haven’t weighed that since 1985 :slight_smile: but I’m looking forward to shopping for nice clothes and no more cheap suits :slight_smile:


Hmm, last night was rough. I was really craving a steak but I did what Dan John recommended and decided I would wait until today and when I woke up I was fine and ready for my next shake. It took a long time and lots of bad eating to get this heavy it’s only 4 weeks :slight_smile: this Saturdays real meal will taste good though.


Well my workouts are going great and I got my Leucine today so I am adding that as per the diet. Things are going great and as long as I eat the shakes on time I’m not hungry. The downside is the banana protein powder has a tendency to taste like powder :frowning: I have a mixer and it seems the same either way. It’s not so bad that I can’t drink it but it has just a hint of powder. Since the carbs got to my blood sugar and I didn’t see any other options I started using Extend for recovery. It doesn’t have all of the great stuff from Surge but I’m guessing it’s better than nothing. If that is a bad choice someone let me know.


Hmmm, It’s the 7th day since weigh in but the 5th day or morning of the 6th since I started the diet. Feeling good!

Weight 238
BMI 35.7
BF 27.8
Muscle 33.5
Visceral Fat 19

Measurements to follow later :slight_smile: