My Velocity Pics - Start 3/4/09

i am from germany and doing the V-Diet.
Just want to show some pics…i am at day number 7.

Comments please:)

I’d hit that. :wink:

[quote]Cal Jones wrote:
I’d hit that. ;)[/quote]


Okay, I’m sorry, but I’m gasping for air here! tooo funny.

Very nice. . um. . . abdominal development?

In all seriousness though, it looks like you’ve made great progress in a week, but I’d be almost scared to see you by the end of 28 days! You look reeeeally lean already. What’s your BF% currently?

Haha thanks :smiley:
Should be about 12%. biz i am not sure…i’ll try to make it up to a 6-pack…thats why i am doing this crazy diet :smiley:

Day 16: 80Kg ( i cut 5,4kg :slight_smile: )

not a big change in the past 9 days…but 12 days to come

Of course you’re not going to get shocking, giant leaps in progress because you started the diet already lean, but I can definitely see the results! Look at the middle area of the abs and the intercostal and oblique regions. Lots of definition coming in there. And it’s normally very tough to get definition in those areas. I bet your back is becoming anatomy-chart ripped too!

Keep us updated!

Here is a picture of my back. I made many mistakes in the past with training my back so it’s not in best shape, but i am working on it!
if you look closer you see pimples on my back, but i always had them and i am 100% clean

Day 19…

Drop some numbers on us around the 21 day point. I’d be interested in seeing scale weight, measurements etc. The pics are showing some great results, no doubt!

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