My Velocity Diet

Hi there

Today is the start of my Velocity Diet and this is my thread to keep track of the progress and keep my motivated and focused on reaching my goals.

Height: 5’9"
Weight: 230 lbs
Arms: L 12.5 R 12.5
Chest: 43
Stomach: 47
Under belly: 43
Thighs: 25

My first goal is to get to under 200lbs, which I’m hoping to achieve by the end of this diet with the 2 weeks transition period.

So far I’m feeling fine and not hungry, had a 35min walk this morning and my first shake after that.

Good luck jumping. Its a tough diet, but it can be done. read and support lots, it helps.


Thanks for your encouragment FL.

Have to say I’m not feeling that good today (day2) I’m feeling sick since my first shake this morning and also had a killer head ache.

Still got my morning NEPA out the way and slammed my shake down. Thankfully my queasy feeling is starting to subside a bit so hopefully I should be ok for my next shake at 12:00.

I think I need to play about with the consistency of the shakes, at the moment I been using quite small amount of water and I think (hope) that slamming them down is what made me feel queasy. So will add more water at lunch and sip it over a longer time.

Take your HOT-ROX with food, not an empty stomach. HR on an empty stomach makes a handful of people experience brief nausea.


I definately like my shakes thinner. Play around with it a bit. I also seem to think mixing up ahead of time and refrigerating helps. Many people seem to go though the nausea thing. I still do if I drink a morning shake.

I found my new favorite with chocolate and strawberry, one scoop each. Wished I would have tried when I was doing the tougher part of diet.

Hang in there it gets easier and the rewards are great.


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Take your HOT-ROX with food, not an empty stomach. HR on an empty stomach makes a handful of people experience brief nausea.

Will try that see if it makes it feel better.

FL I made my lunch shake today a bit thinner and I sipped it over a 40min period and it was much better.

Still feeling a bit queasy but not as bad as this morning when I thought I had to stop the car driving to work and go out and puke.

To bad I don’t have a fridge at work but at least the water from teh water cooler is very nice and cold. Will definitely try the fridge trick at home might even add some more ice cubes to it.

Just some added notes. Can you take a cooler with you packed with ice? A year ago when I tried this diet and failed due to a sinus infection, I was making shakes thick and just before I would eat. I have found this time around if I make over night or even a few hours with cold water and then refrigerate, I ccan tolerate better. I don’t even use the ice now. I add 16 oz of water to one scoop and one 16 oz plus more water with two scoops. I don’t add flax seed either. I couldn’t tolerate.

I tried making a peanut butter mash at night with flax meal and alowed peanut butter, but that wasn’t working real well for me. I think it was mostly due to having stomach issues with peanut butter. I can tolerate almond butter, but didn’t have any access to the almond butter again after I used up.

I have been doing the V-Diet lite for a few weeks now, but find if I have a shake for breakfast, I get horrible stomach upset. I was chocking it up to the shake, but maybe it is the HRX, but I only take one. never happens when I drink shake at other times.

Again I think the nausea thing is a common occurance amoung V-Dieters, but seems to ease after awhile. Many people talk of this. I am also lactose intolerate which doesn’t help me.

Again play around with it a bit.


I don’t have a cooler, but I have found that a nice cool shake is the best for me so might have to look into that.

16oz per scoop that’s quite a lot maybe I should try that too as I’m struggling a bit with my shakes already :frowning: if I slow sip a cold one it’s ok. At least I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday.

I’m not sure if I can take the flax seeds or not, before I started the diet I added them to a bowl of muesli and man I felt weird for a good few hours after it. Will see what happens after my 15:00 shake as that’s my first flax shake today. If I find my stomach can’t take flax seed what should I substitute it with?

Putting flax seeds in my shakes makes them unbearable for me :frowning: it’s so bad that I would puke it up which would be very bad for this diet.

What would happen if I take out the 2 servings of flax seed and make one of my half shakes a full shake instead? It will still keep me within the calorie limit.

Should I take a bit of extra fiber tablet (powder for me as I can’t get tablets in the UK)

Or is there something else I should take/use? I really want to finish this diet, but if keep adding flax seeds to my shakes I have no chance of managing the diet. I would either end up having to little calories or stop the diet.

You know maybe someone else ought to answer this, but I eliminated the flax seed meal from my shake. I couldn’t take it, but fine without it. (i do like flax meal in my cereal, when I am eating it.) I try to mix it with my peanut butter instead of putting peanut butter in my shake, but the Natural Peanut Butter just doesn’t do well in my stomach. its the peanuts I know. Alot of burping after I eat, so I gave up on the peanut butter also.

If you can do without I would try it and up your calories with your shake. I have acid reflux and many things don’t sit in my stomach well, or I hate tasting them for hours on end. I really think you can do this program without, I do take Psyllium Husk Powder once daily over the fiber tablet, which I think works well.

Hope this helps. Definately get a cooler. Shakes are definately much better cold.


I to suffer from acid reflux or at least a similar symptom. The way my doc explained it to me was that the muscles that are suppose to close the valve at the top of digestive system can’t do it cause the tube sticks up over it. (maybe that is acid reflux, never got a name for it in English)

I decided to slightly increase my peanut butter and fiber powder intake which should keep me inline with the calories and fiber needs.

Have to say I’m not feeling that good today again, and last night I had very bad stomach pains just before I went to bed (not that uncommon for me so don’t think it’s due to the diet). Any way will have to dig deep today to get my shakes into me and hope I will start for feel better soon again.

I mean I know this diet isn’t suppose to be easy but feeling queasy really makes it damn hard to stick it out. I can fight feeling hungry etc but trying to “eat” shakes when you feel like hurling really is pretty hard work.

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