My VDiet Log

Start = Saturday May 1st 2010
Updated Saturday May 15th 2010

Stats__________(start) ____(Week 1) __(Week 2) __(Week 3) __(Week 4) __(Week 5) __(Week 6)
% Fat___________30.6________30.07______29.6_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Muscle Mass_____47.1________47_________47.9_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Upper Arm Left__13__________13_________13_________0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Upper Arm Right_13__________13_________13.25______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Forearm Left____11__________11.25______11.5_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Forearm Right___11.5________11.75______11.5_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Wrist Left______7.5_________7.25_______7.5________0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Wrist Right_____7.75________7.5________7.5________0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Thigh Left______24__________23_________22.5_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Thigh Right_____24__________23_________22.75______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Calf Left_______16.25_______16.5_______16.5_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Calf Right______16.5________17_________16.5_______0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Ankle Left______10__________9.5________10_________0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0
Ankle Right_____10__________9.5________10_________0.0________0.0_______0.0_______0.0

Photos first thing in the AM, blah!

Think I took these from too far away.

well don’t even think I am putting my pix anyplace but my computer. it frightens me and I wont scare anyone else like that. but you will do great babe. really. let me know how your challenge goes today. you will do so much better than I did yesterday.

Welcome to the program man. Wish you much success.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday of last week I made a trial run through the Intermediate workout. Today was the trial run on the V challenge. The first three parts were good, with only a couple of the exercises did I go too heavy on the weights. But I know where I need to be when I start tomorrow.

Now the V-Challenge is a whole new story. Holy crap is that hard!

I failed after round two of the circuit taking 18:33 to get there.
I have a ways to go to get there.

Last week was was also without the diet so lets see what the difference is with it next week.

[quote]Cat1az wrote:
well don’t even think I am putting my pix anyplace but my computer. it frightens me and I wont scare anyone else like that. but you will do great babe. really. let me know how your challenge goes today. you will do so much better than I did yesterday.[/quote]

Hey Babe, you should at least start your own log and post your stats. I think it will be a good motivator!

Work out 1 - May 3rd 2010

Front Squat @ 65 lbs Reps 5,5,5,5
Lat Pulldown @ 80 lbs Reps 5,5,5,5
Dumbbell Bench Press @ 40’s lbs Reps 5,5,5,5
Ab-Wheel Rollout Reps 5,5,5,5

Diet on track

I missed meal 5 yesterday, I am finding that the first challenge is the timing of the meals. Each time I make one it seems like I just finished the last. I am also battling my normal habit of one meal per day.

Well another day starts, have a good one everyone!

babe you’re doing great. You are really kicking the workouts. keep it up. the shakes will come. it’s hard to get used to. I know.

yeah, my workout days are challenging because i workout around 1pm…have my Surge afterwards…I am just now @ 6pm having my afternoon shake…two more to go…I feel ya man.

Work out 2 - May 5th 2010

Reverse Lunge @ 35’s lbs Reps 9,8,8,8,7
Bent-Over Row @ 70 lbs Reps 8,8,8,8,8
Push Press @ 60 lbs Reps 8,7,9,8,5,3
Barbell Curl (Sub Dumbbell) @ 25’s lbs 5,5,2,5,2,4,3 @ 15’s lbs 7,7
Reverse Crunch Reps 8,8,3,6,5,5

Cravings are driving me crazy, Not hungry just want food.

In the same lot as our gym there is a restaurant called Piggy Wiggly, never eaten there but the smells were intense tonight.

But no cheating for me.

I know babe. it sucks because the smell drives me nuts too. we will get better at it. soon that smell will be a nasty smell for us. we will come out and be like ewwww what is that stench. you’re doing great. keep it up.

Keep swingin’ the bat man, I think you will hit the ball this time! HOME RUN. Good Job.


Well I slipped!

Yesterday was a vary bad day at work. The stress got to me and by the time I got home I was done for. I missed my Friday work out and ate real food. Although it was healthy.

I fell down but I am jumping right back up. Will hit the Gym today and do Fridays workout and tomorrow is challenge day.

I will post this weeks pictures later today.

Well, I don’t think it’s the end of the world man. Good thing you got right back on the horse. Just don’t let it happen again! LOL. It’s kinda like cheating at Solitaire.

You guys are doing really good. I think my wife may start this system soon…maybe when I get through my first phase…I think it’s really cool you guys are doing it together. WORK sucks, i dont want to do it anymore. HEHE.

Have a great weekend man!


May 8th 2010 - Front

May 8th - side

May 8th - Back

Work Out 3 5-8-2010 (Day Late)

Deadlift @ 80 lbs Reps 8,8,8,8,8 ( Up 10 Next week )

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press (NG) @ 30’s lbs Reps 8,8,8,8,8 ( Keep same Next week, really slowed on last two sets, probably should have split the sets)

Lat Pulldown (NG)@ 80 lbs Reps 8,8,8,8,8 (Up 10 Next week)

Hand walkout From Knees 8,8,8,8,8

The workout was great best set speed wise to date. (except Bench, got sloppy at the end. Hard to break the habit of pushing though)

V-Challenge tomorrow

Have a great day all!

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