My V-Diet

Today is day 9 and I feel ok. I started at 265 and right now I’m at 257, so not bad. Any suggestions would be helpful… I’ll post some pics here and there. thanx

Hey Bro, I am looking forward to following your journey. You and I are built the same so it will be cool to see your pics at the end. Stay focused and you will do great…


thanks swat, I hope i can keep up with the diet, i have problems gettn my shakes in mainly because im not hunger.

[quote]masonmst wrote:
thanks swat, I hope i can keep up with the diet, i have problems gettn my shakes in mainly because im not hunger.[/quote]

I find myself either ravenous or not at all hungry. If I am ‘starving’ (yeah, right–I could live for 3 months on what I’ve got stored.) I just make my shake really thick so that I have to eat it. When I’m not so hungry, I leave out the ice and just drink it runny. And I have to stick to a schedule, otherwise, life gets in the way and I forget!

Good luck and happy dieting!

Watching yet another V-Dieter with interest. I’ve finally managed to find a reliable way of getting Biotest stuff to the middle-east, so I’ll be restarted my diet in a few weeks (last one went for about 15 days on sub-standard supplements bought out here).

It’s good to see people who have a great muscle-base do the diet. Looking forward to seeing your results, so don’t screw it up!!! =)

I sure hope I don’t screw it up!!! (haha) Day 10 and I really want to eat some cookies. But I didn’t, hopefuly the fat will start to melt off with me doing some hit cardio. thanks

hit cardio… do you mean HIIT cardio? If so that may actually be detrimental to your fat loss. Someone else might chime in and verify that.

Yeah–no cardio outside of your NEPA walk.

hope youre keepin up with your v diet bro i feel you will look phenominal if you make it through the 28 days you have a lot of mass under the adipose tissue would love to see some more pics

You’re gonna have a great body under there (no homo)! Keep up with it…and remember the journey doesn’t stop at the end of the diet…Keep pushing forward and take it day by day.

Mason…no, no on the HIIT. I tried it cause I was “in the mood” one day and paid for it dearly for a couple days, got very, very weak in the legs. Just walk, and I realize it don’t feel like you are getting anything out of it, you are.

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