My V-Diet

So what’s the deal? Here’s the deal. Day 4 of the V-Diet and it’s f-ing killing me! The workouts I can handle, the supplements I can take. But these shakes! Damn!

Biotest has always put out fantastic products, and these shakes are no exception. But I have NEVER had a sweet tooth before. And after this I probably never will. I would be happy to have 3 types of taste buds instead of 4 because I have never really liked sweets.

I like food. I LOVE food! Salty, savory, delicious food! I already miss the subtle nuances of spices. The way the flavors roll around in my mouth. I miss it terribly…

But it’s worth it.

I know it’s worth it.

At least it better be because I’m giving up the families homemade german beer brats with kraut and brown mustard. The thick delicious goodness of a Guiness to wash it down with… 5 1/2 weeks… That’s all I’ve got left… Transition weeks and all that…

I’m rambling. I know. But I’ve got to do something to fight off this craving for flavor…

Thanks for stopping by.

I admit I miss chewing but just stick it out. It will get easier. A lot of it is simply mental mind games.

Remember - it’s just you vs. you.

Welcome and good luck!

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