My V-Diet Update and Questions

I started my diet on 9-15 and am pleased with the results to date. After the first week I lost 12 lbs, 1.25" off my gut and .75 off my waist. I am currently in my second week and see no problems with continuing on through the full 28 days. I needed to do this to give me the kick in the ass that I needed to get back into the gym and into a fitness routine again.

I am now 6’2" and currently weigh 265 lbs (after the 12 lb loss) and believe that I will need to get down to somewhere between 220 to 230 to reach one of my current goals. I have been lifting since high school, so just over 20 years on and off now. Once I get my excess fat back off (again) I will resume my previous strength/powerlifting program, but with a much tighter control on my diet.

I have a few questions to anyone that can answer them:

As a field rep, I travel quite a lot. While at home it is much easier for me to control what I consume versus being out of the state or country. I have a work trip scheduled for the Bahamas a week after (it would be week 6, or second week of the transition) the diet and this will be problematic. Needless to say, traveling internationally makes it difficult to pack excess powder and such, but I could take my mini blender and make it work. Taking a cooler for my shakes is not going to be possible, though.

Does anyone know how long a shake is “good” after it has been mixed if it is not kept cold?

Also, since I will be on transition and I can have solid food would it be feasible for me to just eat solid meals with an eye towards much lower carbs? I know from experience that my body prefers lower carb intake and does not like excessive carbs, so as long as I can find food that is not fried I could probably make this work, but it would be difficult to get in 5-6 meals per day this way.

I will be able to keep my workout schedule as the hotel that I stay at has a pretty nice gym and I can always walk on the beach for additional conditioning.

Thanks in advance for any input.

[quote]hangslo wrote:
Taking a cooler for my shakes is not going to be possible, though.

Does anyone know how long a shake is “good” after it has been mixed if it is not kept cold?[/quote]

I don’t have an exact answer to that, but here’s a partial solution: Put some protein powder in a shaker bottle with a lid and take it with you. Now all you need to do is find water and you’ll have a fresh shake ready to go. True, it won’t be icey and thick as it would using a blender with ice, but Metabolic Drive mixes just fine in a shaker bottle. Extra “shakes” can be packed along in baggies.

The original versions of the V-Diet didn’t contain a Transition at all. I just advised to wean yourself off of shakes slowly. History has shown that those who follow a strict Transition get better results and more fat loss. But all that said, yes, it’s possible to get great results with a strict 4 weeks and a less-than-strict Transition. Just have shakes when you can and healthy solid foods when it’s not feasible because of your travel restrictions.

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