My V-Diet Starting Point (3/2/09)

not sure if i measured it right or not but here it goes
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 254
Neck 17"
Shoulders 49.5"
Chest - Upper 47.5"
Chest - Lower 45.25"
Waist - at Navel 43.75"
Waist - at largest 44"
Hips - at largest 44"
Upper Arm - L 16"
Upper Arm - R 16.5
Upper Leg - L 27"
Upper Leg - R 27"
Lower Leg - L 16"
Lower Leg - R 16.75
Ankle - L 10.5"
Ankle - R 10.5

Goal #1: Get those belly measurements out of the danger zone and down into the 30’s!

Keep us updated.

started day 1 on my day off and i surived, went back to work on day 2. day 2 is an torture but i still pulled through it. i worked at a deli and i have food around me for an 8 hour shift.

Welcome to the V-Diet!

Stick with it, It really does work… keep focused and post often around here…

Youre in good company,

the peanut butter in the final shake of the day is a great treat! Yummy

whew almost tilt over doing the reverse lunges yesterday. i’m so use to spending like 2 hrs. at the gym for every visit and now im cutting at least half the time and feel more sore than the 2 hrs i spent. i’m liking the workout but it just bugging me that i can get out of there so soon. whoot whoot day 4 is almost over

ouch, i ripped my callous’ doing the deadlift today.

1 week into the V-Diet, i lost 9 lbs. and yes i do know alot of it is water weight but i’m still happy about it but for the measurements, i’m going to do it after the 4th week

Hell yea buddy! Keep it up… Rite there with u! I’m a lot smaller than u so I just lost 4lbs but good work

almost half way through

How’s the training sessions going NinjaWa? How long are you doing your NEPA sessions for?

the training is pretty good so far, just the v burn is killing me. i’m dong my nepa for 30 min. a day on weekdays on my lunch. on weekend i do it for 45-60 min. week 2 is over. as soon as i get home, i’m going to visit the scale again and see.

havn’t done any measurement yet but i weighed myself and down to 241, so so far for 2 weeks i lost 13 lbs.

still the same weight so i’ll just let the measurements tell me next week.

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