My V-Diet: Shooting for Sub 10% BF

I am rounding out day 5, and I finally got myself together enough to post. Today was a bad day, I spent most of it sick to my stomach. I had my first solid meal on day 6, and I had my second today. However, it was a weird day because I threw it up, and then had another solid meal to make up for it. I just finished my last meal of the day, and am anxiously waiting to take my ZMA, hit the hay, and get back into the groove tomorrow.

I guess I will start with some background. I’m 20, I studied abroad, I gained about 20 pounds overseas, but not all bad weight.Anyways, I am using the month before school starts again to thin out and get back to pre study abroad bf percentage before adding some permanent weight.

I’ve trained for about 2 years, and am doing the intermediate program. All is going well so far.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow when I’m feeling better.

Here were my starting stats…

Weight: 192.6
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 47
Chest-upper: 41
Chest-lower: 39.5
Waist-at navel: 35.5
Upper Arm relaxed left: 13.25
Upper Arm right: 13.25
Upper leg- l: 24.75
Upper leg-r: 24.25
Lower leg l: 16
lower leg r: 15.75
ankle l: 9.75
ankle r: 9.5
hips largest: 39.75

Ab: 21

oh, and height: 6’2

Pretty much, I’m hopin to get sub 10 body fat percentage, and see all of the abs clearly, it’s usually around 4 that I see. And fat stores in my love handles over everything, and it’s bothersome. You know, psychologically.

Oh, and I used to be fat. Really.

Here are the results for after 5 days. I’ve done a bit more than a week, but the first few days ere sketchy so I didn’t really count them. Eithe way, the 28 strict days finish January 30.

Weight: 184.8 (I forgot to say I started 192.6 (hydrated, it was something like 201)
Shoulders: 46.5 (-.5)
Chest upper:42 (not good measurement, mom is inaccurate)
Chest lower:39.25 (-.25)
Waist navel:34.75 (-.75)
Waist largest:36 (-.5)
Upper l arm: 13.25 (0)
Upper r arm: 13.25 (0)
Upper l leg: 24.5 (-.25)
Upper r leg:24.25 (0)
lower leg l: 15.75 (-.25)
lower leg r: 15.75 (0)
ankle l:9.5 (-.25)
ankle r:9.5 (0)
hips largest:39.75


Ab: 18

Definitely thinner, but I think most of the weight loss is water (I hope).

Everything is pretty tasty too, although I don’tlike how Superfood and L-Leucine and flax seed make the shakes taste so I eat them separately.

And let me tell you, it tastes horrible.

I’ll measure again on Sunday, January 10th.

Day 5 finished, and day 6 is starting…

I’m liking the changes in the mirror each morning, and I’m excited to see the new measurements come Sunday morning. The workout yesterday went well, and I will be doing another one today because yesterday was actually the make-up one.

So here’s to deadlifts, pullups, and hand walkouts.

Only 2.5 hours until shake 2!

Okay, I found some pictures taken just a few days before day 1. I will post more pictures in a few days.




I finished day 8, and am on to day 9. I have measurements that I will try to post a bit later today. All in all, the diet and training progresses well. I’ve been so busy since going back to school that I have no down-time to worry about eating or cravings. With all of my roommates, the amount of wasted time is insane (but good for sticking to it).

Looking forward to the HSM on Wednesday. i think I’ll have some chicken, a few pounds of vegetables, and a salad.


it’s day 10, and I once again have measurements. I have been doing the v-diet for roughly 17 days now, but I don’t really count the first week since it was more of a trial run and not all that strict. However, the measurements begin from that first day (December 27), but I will probably end the strict part of the diet January 30.

So here it goes!

Weight: 179 (-5.8 pounds, 13.8 overall)
Neck: 15.25 (-.25, .25 overall)
Chest-upper: 46.5 (no change, .25 overall)
Chest-lower: 41 (no change)
Shoulders: 46.25 (-.25, .75 overall)
Waist-navel: 34.25 (-.5, 1.25 overall)
Waist-largest: 35.75 (-.25, .75 overall)
Upper Arm L: 13.25 (no change)
Upper Arm R: 13.25 (no change)
Upper Leg L: 24.5 (no change, .25 overall)
Upper Leg R: 24.25 (no change)
Lower Leg L: 16 (no change)
Lower Leg R: 15.75 (no change)
Ankle L: 9.5 (no change, .25 overall)
Ankle R: 9.5 (no change)
Hips: 39.5 (-.25, .25 overall)

Caliper Measurements:

Ab: 15 (-3, 6 overall)
Chest: 4 (no change, 2 overall)
Leg: 15 (-1, 3 overall)

V-burn Challenge: 29:12

All in all, the changes are starting to be more noticeable in the mirror, especially the amount of abs I can see (at least when I flex, unflexed you just see a massive line down the middle unless the lighting is good :D)

Hopefully, I stop losing more weight at such a rapid pace, but I think the 6 pound loss might just be because I switched scales and it’s not quite the same as my old one, which I had to leave at home.

So, hello to day 10, everything is quite easy now (especially with the extra week under my belt).

I am starting day 13, and everything is going really well. Each day, the mirror shows the changes, and I am officially in cruise mode with no real cravings or intent to jump off the bandwagon.

I had my HSM on Wednesday. Turkey, sweet potato, mushrooms, salad. It was probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten. And now I’m excited to cook when I finish this.

The workouts are going well to. I get ridiculously smelly when I go with such short rest periods on the bigger lifts, especially deadlifts and front squats. Anyways, I smell up the gym, and everyone around me always comments about the body odor and moves away. At least I am always by myself.

I will do the V-burn tomorrow, and try to beat last weeks time of 29 minutes.

Here’s to day 13!

Okay, here are the update numbers. I am a bit late posting them as I measured Sunday, but with the start of school, I’m a bit busy

Weight: 177
Neck: 15.25
Waist-at navel: 33.5
Upper Arm relaxed left: 13.25
Upper Arm right: 13.25
Upper leg- l: 24.5
Upper leg-r: 24
Lower leg l: 16
lower leg r: 15.75
ankle l: 9.5
ankle r: 9.5
hips largest: 39

Ab: 14

Progress is coming nicely, I am almost done with day 17, so barely 11 more days to go!

Right on!

Pics will be posted next Saturday at the conclusion, which will be my first access to a camera.

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