My V-Diet Results


I am excited to show my results. This diet was a great experience.

I went from 257 to 235.5, and lost 4 inches off my waist.

I think that I am on my way to being much fitter, and even though I am not there yet, I feel that this has been a major step forward. The fast, aggressive approach definitely suits me.

Thanks Chris!


Nice work! What’s next for you training and diet wise?


Thanks, I think this would be a good time for me to try and build some muscle. I had been training like a powerlifter for 2 years and I think it would be a good change-up to explore bodybuilding-style training. Right now I’m picking up some interesting training ideas from Thibaudeau’s articles and nutrition ideas from your article on “clean bulking”.

With that in mind, I should still try to keep pushing the bodyfat down in the long-term. Now that I have completed a V-Diet I know that it works for me and it is something I can try again in the future. I no longer crave bread and pasta like I used to. NEPA walks have become part of my routine, and they really help me unwind after a day in the lab (I’m a grad student in a biomedical science program).

Anyways, sorry for rambling, and thanks so much for designing this diet!


Some thoughts:

Great progress!

100g carb cure! Use it, live it.

Try out some I3G if you can afford it.( when it’s back in stock )

Sprints/Sled/Prowler. They make a huge impact on fast loss.

Keep at it!



Just finished my first week of 100g carbs. Lost another 5lbs and feel great!


[quote]dcolacu1 wrote:

Just finished my first week of 100g carbs. Lost another 5lbs and feel great![/quote]

Thats great! Keep at it. Make sure you do some energy systems work. Prowler, metabolic fetch, sled pulls ( both directions ), hill sprints, you’ll be lean and mean in no time.