My V-Diet Results

My wife and I just finished the V-Diet, so I thought I’d post up some results and thoughts. We are in the first transition week right now, so not completely done yet. Here are the results from the 28 days:

6’2" tall
Weight before: 207.5
Weight after: 197
BF before (7 site caliper): 14.5%
BF after: 12.8%
Measurement changes:
Neck: NC
Around Shoulders: -2"
Chest: -1.25"
Upper Arm: -1"
Waist: -1.75"
Hip/butt: -1.75"
Thigh: -.5"
Calf: -.25"

Overall, I’m happy to have lost over 10 lbs, but I thought it would be more. I used this diet as a plateau-buster, and it worked for that purpose. I started eating clean about 1 1/2 years ago when I realized that at 245, I was just fat. I don’t lose fat easily, so 10 lbs in 28 days is actually pretty good for me. I’m the leanest I’ve ever been, but not quite there yet.

Disappointments: I probably lost some muscle with this plan, judging by the BF drop vs. weight and measurements. I was low carb before the V-Diet, so I probably didn’t have a lot of water weight to lose. Possible reasons, I play hockey once or twice a week in a pretty intense league, and I play tennis twice, and usually surf on the weekends.

So, I probably did too much activity for this plan (but when you pay $300 for hockey league, you tend to show up). I made sure to take BCAA before any of these activities, but it was probably not enough.

Performance: My strength didn’t seem to drop too much. I made it through the progressions in CW’s advanced plan (with much pain). I actually had a Highland Games the weekend of week 2 (pretty much an 8 hour throwing and strength competition). I set a 3’ PR in light hammer, but I’m going to attribute that to a technique adjustment. I bonked big time in the second half of the day, and all my throws suffered.

During this day, I drank my shakes on schedule, and sipped a Surge all day, drinking some prior to the events I needed a “boost” for. Overall, I was just happy to get through the day and get 1 PR.

Taste Changes: I liked avocados before this diet. Now I am completely obsessed with them. Other than that, I have been doing Precision Nutrition for a long time, and have had no trouble sticking to it. The main change for me now is that I don’t feel a “need” for cheats. PN meals taste perfectly good to me.

Last Thoughts: Not eating food was tough, but doable. It really helped that my wife was doing it with me. I’m really excited to be below 200. I used to think my “fighting weight” was around 205, now I know its probably 185 or so. I bought some size 32 pants. The last time I had size 32 pants, my parents paid for them because I was in 5th grade or something. I also noticed that nobody makes pants with waists 32 or below and 34" inseams. I guess the whole world is short and fat!

I’m going to finish up the tranisition, go back to PN, and start ramping up the calories slowly over 4-6 weeks, and then try to make another push to get that 12.8% down below 10%.

Nice work, congratulations on extending and improving your life :slight_smile:

I guess after reading your post I think the fact that you were already eating fairly healthily (Precision Nutrition) probably meant you didn’t get as much benefit as other peopel with the first week water and glycogen purge!

Also in my experience dropping activity actually helps it just seems like smashing yourself just makes you tired but doesn’t lose you any extra weight.

However the main thing to remember is you’ve probably foudn a new love for salad, veges and all manner of healthy foods not to mention reset any bad eating habits you have and that will all lead to further weight loss. I lost 12kg in the first 6 weeks but then another 4-5 in the following 6…

Nice work!

Thanks for the imput. I am on day 8 and even though it is kinda strange at first. the diet really changes your perspective on food and food intake. No shopping, no restaurants = a lot of time on your hands!

I too was on a low carb before this. I will be happy with 10 of fat gone. I am going to wait until the 28th day to weigh and measure. I already feel lighter and much better.

Thanks again!

Would like to see pics of what you look like.

I am curious about how you treated “pre-game” nutrition for hockey - I also play two to three times a week and intensity tends to creep around the 200% area :wink:

I lived by the low carb methodology for a long time, when I was wait training like an animal…then the last couple years (mostly due to hockey)…i’ve become somewhat lax…so now im looking to clean it up, and drop about 10lbs
but when I get really strict with carbs, i am TOTALLY depleted very quickly on the ice…and it only happens the weeks i try to eat very clean…Im the type of person who responds VERY well to lowering my crap intake, but it just seems that im always worried and thinking “ok, i play in 2 days, cant deplete myself too much”

any advice?

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