I did my V-Diet in Feb-Mar and after the transition did the 2500-3000 cal high protein small meal thing with pretty good results. I do cardio 2 times a week, lift 3-times, and do at least 4 NEPA walks.

I now take no stimulants, started the creatine thing and am trying to put on some muscle. I plan on doing 1 more v-diet in mid Aug to get the BF down low and curb my cravings for pork rinds latte’s. I also eat out almost every day, but stick to grilled seafood, steamed veggies, and light beer keeping the carbs in check still losing slow and steady.

I love the HOT-ROX but admit that I had to switch protein shakes. I now mix the GNC whey protein complex with a little of the better tasting muscle milk or On. After I ran out of Surge, I just went with chocolate milk mix added to the lo carb protein. I still do 3 shakes a day but now with peanut butter and oatmeal added.


Fantastic change! Bet you must be feeling pretty good now. Well done!

lol@ pork rind lattes

sounds good to me

srsly though you look great, keep it up. That is a major change over the course of months.

Thanks for the kind words. Getting better every day so will probably stick to what’s working and just shake up my routine. I need some more muscle to fill several areas of empty skin… I also need to find more lotion for the mid section to tighten the skin back up.

I still have some fat spots, but I can see them melt away a bit each week.

Again. Thanks for the velocity and great Biotest products… HOT-ROX Extreme, Spike, the BCAAs, and Flameout rock. Shakes are good, esp for the price.

T-Nation rocks, even for the not so serious recreational fitness lifter like me.

[quote]Bonjo2 wrote:


forget superman, we have velocity man… it is impossible to back down to goggles like that… Shugart has created a new race of superhero

Great job. Skys the limit!

Too bad your photo shop skills aren’t as good as your weight loss.

I guess I am no longer a V-Guy so will post any future stuff on other boards.

Thanks again for everything. The V-diet and anabolic principles outlined here changed my life.

I ended up not needing a second V-diet as I continue to progress and add muscle just doing what I am doing. I am now 162lbs, at 10%bf, developing some muscle, getting stronger/faster and eating mostly clean food all day long.

Keeping it simple with 2-3 shakes, a pre-workout nos drink, plus 3-4 small meals, and one family dinner each day. I cut the NEPA, do only 20min cardio warm-up prior to lifting for 40-60 minutes, 5 days a week.

I’ve inspired 2 others, who both now lost 30lbs+ It was the drastic V-diet that jump started their lifestyle change as well.

Best Regards

Mate, results and positive reflections like yours are what have convinced me to do the diet. Congratulations, you look like a completely different guy!

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