My V-Diet - Nightfall1134


I really like the formatting/ template you used on this. I’m ordering a scale to weigh myself in the mornings. The ones at work claim to be calibrated, but put me 5lbs over the fancy bodyfat scale that’s locked up at my gym. Lol. I’m excited.


You got this. I know how you feel. Even when not on the diet, I’ve had the struggle of getting up at 4 and getting finished after dark. I dont miss it at all. It wasnt constant, but I couldn’t leave work for food. Those schedules make any diet difficult.


Yeah I use the scale at my gym for my official weigh in. I step on that once a week. I have one at work that I probably step on more often than I should. I was always 12 lbs heavier with all my clothes/boots/gear at work. They calibrated the scales at the gym one day and I didn’t know. I thought I gained weight but now that gym scale is only 6 pounds lighter than my scale at work. I was glad I had that other scale for reassurance.

If the scale you buy says a higher weight than what your gym scale said, return it and tell them it’s broken.


… so I have a question. It got to 104 degrees today. This week is awful & the heat is brutal. I’ve been feeling super nauseated anytime I’m outdoors & I’ve been feeling overheated… aside from not being a fan of tropical climates, heat has never been an issue for me; I grew up in south FL. Also its Not PMS or anything like that. Do you guys ever Experience this sort of temperature sensitivity this on V-Diet?


Before I started the V-diet I fasted once a week. When I initially started to do the one day fast I started with the Mag-10 Pulse Fast. Something about Mag-10 doesn’t agree with me and it made me throw up. I thought it might have been coffee so I tried it again the next week and it still didn’t stay down. I’ve taken it with success with food though.

With that being said, I was nervous about Plazma because it is part of the same family when I started the V-diet. I didn’t have any issues with it and like it a lot.

Did you take any Plazma while experiencing those symptoms? Has it gotten better? I’m no expert, but if you’re losing a lot of water because you’re taking in a low amount of carbs, you will be more susceptible to dehydration especially in those temps.



So I am done with the V-diet. My primarily goals was to finish. I am very happy to say I finally accomplished that.

           Day 1   Day8  Day 15  Day 22   Day 28   Total 
Weight      214     211    209     205      202     -12.0 
Neck        15.5"   15.5"  15.5"   15.0"    15.0"   -0.5" 
Shoulders   50.5"   50.5"  49.5"   49.5"    49.0"   -1.5" 
Chest       44.0"   43.0"  43.0"   43.0"    43.0"   -1.0" 
Upper Waist 35.5"   35.5"  34.5"   34.5"    34.0"   -1.5" 
Naval       40.0"   38.5"  38.0"   37.0"    36.0"   -4.0" 
Lower Waist 41.0"   40.5"  40.0"   39.0"    38.5"   -2.5" 
Hips        39.0"   39.0"  38.0"   38.0"    38.0"   -1.0" 
Upper Arm   13.0"   13.5"  14.0"   14.0"    14.0"   +1.0" 
Upper Leg   23.0"   23.0"  24.0"   23.0"    22.5"   -0.5" 
Calf 15.5"  15.5"   15.5"  15.0"   15.0"    15.0"   -0.5"
Total                                              -12.0"

Progress pics to follow.


I included pictures of what I looked like at the start of my weight loss journey. There is definitely visual results in my mid-section/love handle area, but I feel like it isn’t as significant as it could be since I have a good amount of loose skin now.


I have started a log here:

Feel free and pop in and say hi if anyone reading this frequents the t-nation forums. Losing the weight was the easy part. Keeping it off and improving my composition will be the hard part.