My V-Diet - Nightfall1134


This is day #1 of the V-Diet for me. I am no stranger to the diet. I have failed miserably on it a few times over the last decade. I usually start a post to log the progress, then disappear like the majority of these threads.

What’s different?

It’s been about eight years since I last tried the diet. I have been fat my whole life and I previously used the diet for some sort of instant gratification/results at the beginning of my weight loss journeys. This time I am doing it to end my successful weight loss journey. I have lost 86 pounds since 11/2017 (starting at 300 Lbs.)

I am simply attempting to do it this time to lose the last 14 pounds to hit my goal of 100#, and to prove to myself that I am capable of doing it. After that I plan on maintaining around 200# to end my continuous cycles of yo-yo dieting.

Starting stats:
Weight: 214
Neck: 15.5"
Shoulders: 50.5"
Chest: 44"
Upper Waist: 35.5"
Lower Waist: 41.0"
Hips: 39.0"
Upper Arm: 13.0"
Upper Leg: 23.0"
Calf: 15.5"

Take 4…


Good job! We’ve only failed when we’ve given up. I agree with you, Velocity is a better finishing diet than a beginning diet. You sound like you’re ready to be done with the dieting too. It’s just 30 days of effort and then a normal life. Good luck!


Thanks for the comment. I am ready to be done with dieting. The only problem I face afterwards is properly bulking. I’ve been fat my entire life so it will be a mental game and new experience. Definitely looking forward to it.


Day 3

I had my first workout the morning of the 4th. I am doing the intermediate program. I went first thing in the morning and it felt great. After the workout I had my first shake and was completely STUFFED from the Plazma doses and first shake.

Had slight temptations throughout the day from 4th of July festivities but otherwise was a success.

I work 12 hour shifts and today was the first day back. I have been lacking energy all day and my entire body is sore. I’m looking forward to my HSM after. I work again tomorrow so I’ll be having to get up at 3:30am to do my workout.


Day 4

The workout this morning was brutal. I was still sore from the workout on day 2. I clearly have been resting too much between sets because waiting only 30-45 seconds has kicked my ass. The berry flavor for plazma is definitely my favorite. I’ve also tried like, lemon, and orange.

I have noticed a decrease in my focus and energy today. Looking forward to heading home and eating some tenderloin. Currently optimistic about the diet.


Day 7

Still making through the diet. I have been extremely sore since the start of the diet. I was going to skip the V-burn challenge to get an extra day of rest in then decided I would feel too guilty cutting corners this time around.

I ended up pulling something in my quad halfway through the V-burn and decided to stop. Pretty embarrassed to say the least. I will be focusing on resting myself today and tomorrow before I start the 2nd week of workouts.

I will update tomorrow with my new measurements.


I did the vBurn challenge exactly once before I started. Once I got into the hunger I just couldn’t muster the energy to do the challenge so I added an extra walk instead. Didn’t miss it.


The workouts have been harder than the eating this first week. My body has been super sore. I am hoping it starts acclimating to the abuse in the coming weeks.


Week 1 Progress check:
Day 1 Day 8 Change
Weight 214 211 -3.0
Neck 15.5" 15.5" 0.0"
Shoulders 50.5" 50.5" 0.0"
Chest 44.0" 43.0" -1.0"
Upper Waist 35.5" 35.5" 0.0"
Naval 40.0" 38.5" -1.5"
Lower Waist 41.0" 40.5" -0.5"
Hips 39.0" 39.0" 0.0"
Upper Arm 13.0" 13.5" +0.5"
Upper Leg 23.0" 23.0" 0.0"
Calf 15.5" 15.5" 0.0"

I was originally getting only about 50-100g carbs prior to starting the diet so I didn’t have much water weight to lose the first week. I am content with 3 lbs in terms of weight loss. I have definitely noticed most of my progress in terms of my stomach. The measurements show the same even though there is some human error that will be factored in week to week.


About the soreness, what have your HSMs looked like?

Make sure you’re getting enough carbs, fats, and protein. Some people cut down there thinking it’ll help, but it doesn’t. The plan is designed to use the HSM for recovery just as much as re-training healthy eating.

Part of it though really is the Waterbury workouts, which aren’t programmed like other training methods. And they’re intense, especially when they’re done right and you push yourself on them.


My HSM consist of salmon, tilapia or grilled chicken so far. For veggies I have cauliflower, broccoli or sweet potatoes. Usually a TBS of butter is incorporated into them in some way shape or form.

I’m attributing the soreness to my general lack of being well conditioned. While I was losing the first 85 pounds I put my lifting 2nd under cardio. I followed no direct program and pretty much lifted heavy. Maybe I should correct myself and say heavy for my currently soft self.

Workout days my Calories have been 1,900-2,000 calories (25% carbs, 25% fat, 50% protein).

Non-workout days my calories have been 1,400-1,500 calories (15% carbs, 30% fat, 55% protein).


Day 11

Just finished my second workout of week 2 and have been feeling really well. I’ve been in a good mindset in regards to the shakes and have been about as consistent as I can be from day to day.

My workouts have been doing better as well. I haven’t been as sore as I was during the first week, so I can capitalize more on effects Plazma gives me.

I do have a bad habit of periodically stepping on the scale and my weight hasn’t been moving as much as I had hoped. I just moved in a notch on my belt though so I’m not going to worry about the weight for now.


I’m seeing all my biggest gains (losses) in week 4. Almost like the first 3 weeks were just prep work. I’ve been stepping on the scale too but mostly just out of curiousity. That’s what I tell myself at least. I’m a bit obsessed.


Day 14

I’m excited to be pretty much half way done with the diet. It definitely has seemed like I have been doing it much longer. I did the intermediate V-Burn challenge today in 28 minutes 22 seconds.

I swapped out the split squats with standard parallel squats because I pulled my quad last week doing the split squats. I then re-tweaked it doing reverse lunges.

I will post again tomorrow with updated measurements.


Day 15

Progress Check:

             Day 1   Day8     Day 15  Total
  Weight     214     211      209    -5.0
  Neck       15.5"   15.5"    15.5"   0.0"
  Shoulders  50.5"   50.5"    49.5"  -1.0"
  Chest      44.0"   43.0"    43.0"  -1.0"
 Upper Waist 35.5"   35.5"    34.5"  -1.0"
  Naval      40.0"   38.5"    38.0"  -2.0"
 Lower Waist 41.0"   40.5"    40.0"  -1.0"
  Hips       39.0"   39.0"    38.0"  -1.0"
 Upper Arm   13.0"   13.5"    14.0"  +1.0"
 Upper Leg   23.0"   23.0"    24.0"  +1.0"
  Calf       15.5"   15.5"    15.5"   0.0"

Thoughts: Initially starting out this diet my main goals were to 1.) Finish it and 2.) Lose weight. My weight honestly hasn’t been coming off as fast as I had initially hoped. The inches however have been very consistent and I am overall pleased with where I am at for the half way point. I am still getting used to not using my weight as the primary tool for my success.


That’s definitely an important mindshift. Some people do get overfocused on what the scale says even though photos, tape measurements, and clothes give a more accurate real-world perspective on how your body is changing. This article discusses it a bit more.

About the HSMs and soreness before, I just wanted to double-check that you were getting enough “recovery nutrients” like healthy fats in addition to protein. If it’s coming along then sounds like it’s sorted out.

Basically, keep doing what you’re doing. Like you said, you’re past the halfway point by now.


Day 19

I feel like I’ve hit my stride with this diet. Everything involved with it has become part of my everyday routine and I don’t feel encumbered by any of it. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited to be done with it either.

All of the workouts have kicked my ass but my body has been recovering well from them now. I still don’t know how I’m going to transition out of the diet. I’ll make a plan over the last 9 days.


Day 21

Finished the V-Burn challenge today in 25:11. It’s amazing how much of a workout I get from the v-burn. It’s a nice change of pace from the regular workouts that are a part of the diet.

I will post updated measurements tomorrow. Only one week left.


Day 22
Progress update:

            Day 1 Day8  Day 15 Day 22  Total 
Weight       214   211   209    205    -9.0 
Neck        15.5" 15.5" 15.5"   15.0"  -0.5" 
Shoulders   50.5" 50.5" 49.5"   49.5"  -1.0" 
Chest       44.0" 43.0" 43.0"   43.0"  -1.0" 
Upper Waist 35.5" 35.5" 34.5"   34.5"  -1.0" 
Naval       40.0" 38.5" 38.0"   37.0"  -3.0"
Lower Waist 41.0" 40.5" 40.0"   39.0"  -2.0" 
Hips        39.0" 39.0" 38.0"   38.0"  -1.0" 
Upper Arm   13.0" 13.5" 14.0"   14.0"  +1.0" 
Upper Leg   23.0" 23.0" 24.0"   23.0"  +0.0" 
Calf        15.5" 15.5" 15.5"   15.0"   0.0"

Everything seems to be coming along well. I don’t think I will hit my goal of 200 by the end of this last week, but I’ve come to that realization earlier. I am for sure going to find what my maintenance level is for the first month or two after this diet. I have consistently been sub 2,200 calories since November 2017 and have no idea where my maintenance level is at this bodyweight.


Day 25

The end is near. I hated Fridays on this diet. The only way to be able to workout was to do it at 3:30AM before a 12 hr shift of work. I am happy to say I no longer will need to do that.

I’m still uncertain of what kind of program I’m going to run for the 4-5 weeks I am figuring out my maintenance levels. If I still don’t come up with something in three days I will probably stick with the transitioning v-diet workouts since they gave me a great all around exercise.

I wanted to bulk once I hit 200 to fill out some of my looser skin, but I feel like I have more fat to lose after I give my body/metabolism a month’s rest.