My V-Diet Log

Well, I’ve let myself get into the worst shape of my life and have finally decided to do something about it. I’ve run the v-diet in the past with tremendous success and hope that this run will bring similar results.

Day 1:
Weight: 244.6
Ht: 5.11
Tape Measure at Bellybutton: 44.5 inches (holy crap!)

I’m going to run the old version of the v-diet as I’m worried that the HSM might create a desire to splurge. I know with certainty that the shakes only version will get me good results and keep me on track.

Anyway, starting Day 1 today and will run the new workout, etc.

Looking forward to getting back into shape.

Day 2 - quick update:

2 days in the book. Weighed in at 241.2 this morning. Hit with the blizzard today so no gym, etc. Hopefully the gym opens tomorrow. On to day 3.

Day 3:

Going to keep the daily updates quick. Weighed in at 239 (first thing in the AM). Gym reopened today and got my w/o and NEPA in this morning. Motivation and energy are good right now. Feeling fine and looking forward to getting back into shape.

Day 4:

Another quick update. Things are moving along. Got my NEPA in and still holding strong with the diet. Feeling a bit weak today but nothing major.

Weighed 237.2 this morning (obviously carrying a TON of water weight when I started this).

Anyway, another one in the books.

Day 5

Weight at 336.4. NEPA walk tonight. Energy levels OK. Hunger level has increased which (I believe) caused an interruption in my sleep last night. Not unexpected and something I have dealt with in the past. I’m going to try to shift my last shake to right before I go to bed tonight.

8 pounds is 5 days is damn nice! Keep it up. My V-Diet starts in 2 days so I’ll be right with you!

Great job! Keep it up!

[quote]usmccds423 wrote:
8 pounds is 5 days is damn nice! Keep it up. My V-Diet starts in 2 days so I’ll be right with you![/quote]

Thanks. Best of luck to you with your run of the diet!

[quote]hwyheat wrote:
Great job! Keep it up![/quote]

Thanks. Appreciate the encouragement!

Day 6

Weight at 336.0. W/o and NEPA in earlier today. Hunger was STRONG last night and had a bit of trouble sleeping. All consistent with my prior experience. I’ve changed things drastically with my diet so I expect my body to have a bit of reaction. Looking forward to my body adjusting fully.

I’m running the old version of the diet (5 shakes/day) . . . at least for the first couple of weeks. I have my first HSM tomorrow night (which will align well with the Super Bowl). As I noted above, I’m hungry . . . but an encouraging sign is that all I can think about is eating a nice salad loaded with veggies (along with the steak I am planning to eat).

I like salads but don’t eat a ton of them in my normal course. The v-diet always seems to bring this “salad eating” desire out of me. Weird that a week ago my hunger urges were satisfied by pizza, etc and now - one week later - I want to run through a wall to eat a salad. Good stuff.

Day 7:

Weighed in at 335.4. Not a bad first week. Got my NEPA and workout in and had a good day with the Super Bowl. Had my weekly healthy meal. It was awesome. Nice salad followed by piece of roast and some veggies and sweet potatoes. Good day.

Day 8:

Today’s weight was a bit up at 336.8. I assume from my meal. No biggie as it was expected. Back to the grind. NEPA today.

Day 9:

Today’s weight was down to 335.6. W/o and NEPA today. Not much else to report.

Day 11:

Down to 234.6. Got my workout and NEPA in today but was not easy as I am not feeling great. Only able to get down 3 shakes and my post w/o shake. No appetite otherwise. Sinuses have been bothering me and just feeling drained. Going to bed early.

NOTE: I accidentally have said above that my weight was int eh 300s. That is wrong. I started at 244 and currently weigh 234.6. Sorry.

So it’s working, keep at it and shake off the sinus bug!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I ended up with the flu and a sinus infection. Nasty combo. Still feeling lousy but definitely on the road to recovery. Good news is that the flu has me down to 229.5 . . . though I know it because I have literally eaten nothing other than chicken soup for 4 days. No way I can get shakes down. Not sure what to do. May just re-boot this after I feel better since I know I won’t be working out for at least a couple more days. Uggh. Back to bed.

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