My V-Diet Log

Hello All,

Well I completed Day 1 successfully and boy am I proud of myself. The only difficult aspect was the food cravings. Other than that, I never felt truly hungry, weak, or fatigued. I also did not get any headaches, which is common when I go on low-calorie/low-carb diets. Since this diet provides adequate servings of all nutrients, I had no problems at all. I am really surprised. I previously completed the Bizzy Diet, which is a 21-Day. no-carb diet and I hit rock bottom on Day 1. Never again: I need my carbs!

As far as everything else goes, I stuck to the plan exactly. Well, I accidentally drank 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive for Meal 3 instead of 1 as recommended so I adjusted my last drink of the day by only having 1 scoop. I also don’t have the Leucine supplements. I did not think it was required for the diet and I must say that superfood is a wonder, giving my body exactly what it needs. I think that is the true secret to keeping this a balance diet.

My workout went well also. I was done in 30 minutes which is a shocker because it usually take me an hour, but I am sure that is a result of not doing cardio, plus the Day 1 workout is fairly short. I am also doing the intermediate. Even though I have been out of the gym for a few months, I know my capabilities. First modification: I did a back squat instead of a front squat simply because I am not familiar with it, but once I get into the hang of things, I will try it. Second Modification: There were no ab rollouts in my gym so I did another ad workout. So…

Back squat: 105 pounds
Lat pull down: 80 pounds
Dumbell benchpress: 30 pounds

Since today was a heavy day, I think I could’ve went heavier on the back squat and the lat pull down, but no worries. Now I know where I stand.

My Nepa is done when I walk my dog 2-3 times a day.

I am very proud of myself and I am hopeful for the progress I will make. It helps that I have a naturally muscular body. Therefore, once I shed the fat away, I think I will appreciate the results.

As for my measurements, I could not take them today, but my starting weight is 165-167.

I probably will not put up before pictures until I have made some progress simply because they are horrifying.

Until tomorrow…

Good luck. today is day ten for me doing well. for me i think the PMS bloat seems to be very bad but other than that i am fine. I normally have no issues but its bad and i am not sure why,

Hello Harp. Thank you. If you made it to day ten, you can make it all the way despite the bloat. You and other successful v-dieters are my inspiration so stick with it.

This concludes Day 2. My only mistake was waking up too late and I did not have my first shake of the day. However, I stuck to the plan the rest of the day and ended with a total of 4 shakes. I took my dog for a walk again for my NEPA. I must say the day off from the gym was welcome because I am SORE! But, I was bored and am looking forward to the work out tomorrow.

My aunt attempted to get me to eat a piece of steak my mother cooked and I am proud to say I did not give in to temptation. Honestly, the shakes keep me satiated so I am not truly craving anything. It is only my mind that plays tricks on me and I know I have the will to finish this thing.

Until tomorrow…

Hello All,

You can click on the link above to see a delicious photo of my first HSM. It was wonderful. I didn’t really like the string beans and although I’m used to adding salt to my food, I refrained from it.

So, today officially starts week 2 for me. In the first week, I lost 8 pounds and the difference is clearly noticeable to me.

Shirts that were beginning to feel snug are much looser. The same goes for other clothing items. I can also see the change when looking in the mirror. My waist has gotten smaller as well as my stomach.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take measurements thus far but I am keeping track.

I will post again soon.

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